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X Factor Celebrity/X Factor All Stars 2019

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. What is your dream line-up? I can’t stop thinking about Diana Vickers.
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  2. 2014

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  3. Honestly, just let Sinitta judge it for the kiis, if it really is the last season. Simon, Sinitta, Louis (Walsh, not Tomlinson).

    I’d love Dame Ruth Lorenzo to give it a go but I doubt she’s high on the wish list. Most of the GP will have forgotten her and she’d likely be an early out.
  4. Amelia Lily
  5. Let’s say they’ll bring back 12 contestants.

    - Shayne Ward
    - Leona Lewis
    - Alexandra Burke
    - Ruth Lorenzo
    - Diana Vickers
    - Joe McElderry
    - Amelia Lily
    - Jahmene Douglas
    - Fleur East
    - Someone from X-Factor USA
    - Samantha Jade (X Factor Australia)
    - A contestant from a more recent series.
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  6. Diana Vickers
    Ruth Lorenzo
    Leona Lewis
    Alexandra Burke
    Ella Henderson
    James Arthur
    Matt Cardle
    Little Mix (?)
    Laura White

    Carlie Rose Sonenclar

    But we'll see.
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  7. My dream all-stars

    Leona Lewis
    Alexandra Burke
    Shayne Ward
    Sam Bailey
    Stacey Solomon
    Saara Alto
    Lucie Jones
    Fleur East
    Austin Drage
    Honey G
    Ella Henderson
    Amelia Lily
    Sean Miley Moore
    Same Difference

    I wouldn’t include those that are still doing well on the charts like Olly, Little Mix, James, 1D lot etc.

    My all star panel would be Loui, Dannii, Nicole and Simon
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  8. Rowetta
    Voices With Soul
    Rachel Hylton
    Katie Waissel
    Gamu Nhengu
    Tamera Foster
    Danyl Johnson
    Kandy Rain
    Ray Quinn
    Diana Vickers
    Laura White
    Amelia Lily
    Seann Miley Moore
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  9. The line up we want Vs the line up we will get are probably completely different. Maybe they will drag the Conway Sisters back together.
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    The show does need a shake up but an All Stars version is going to be hilarious and I hope all the better acts tell Simon to piss off so we're just left with scraps like Sam Bailey, Ben Haenow and Eoghan Quigg haahhaaaaa.
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  11. Honey G
    Kitty Brucknell
    Goldie Cheung
    Sada Vidoo
    Chloe Mafia
    That holistic vocal coach
    Rachel Adedeji (if she can get the time off from Hollyoaks)
    Katie Waissel
    Dawn the apprentice jockey
    Collagen Westwood

    Presented by Konnie Huq.


  12. I’m struggling to think of X Factor groups who are still together to be honest. Jedward are a certainty as they’ll obviously still be in touch and will want the exposure. Given how iconic they were on the Kim series of CBB I’m here for it.
  13. Honestly just give me Dame Ruth Lorenzo and I will be happy.
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  14. I’d love to see them don’t is exclusively with acts who didn’t make the final 3.

    Misha B, Vickers and Ruth would be my top picks to make a return.
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  15. I bet Jaymi is frantically trying to reunite Union J.
  16. He will do what he did for George's replacement and drag the first trendy looking 20 something off the street to make up the numbers.
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  17. Just think how much a certain demographic of homosexual will be bidding for Be A Fighter promo copies on Ebay when Amelia Lily crashes out in 9th place after Simon sends it to deadlock in order to save Wagner, knowing full well she's got the lowest public vote despite a particularly stirring rendition of Total Eclipse of the Heart.
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  18. Who will likely be in it...

    Amelia Lily
    Sam Bailey
    Honey G
    Shayne Ward
    Sam Callahan
    Marcus Collins
    Leon Jackson
    Ruth Lorenzo
    Union J
    4 members of Stereo Kicks
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  19. Tesco Mary is finally coming to snatch the crown.
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  20. The Rebecca Ferguson erasure in your lists...
    Shame on you all
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