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X Factor Celebrity/X Factor All Stars 2019

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Nicole's doing Celebrity but she has other committments after Celebrity wraps so Paula's doing All Stars instead.
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  2. My bad, I saw ‘stars’ and was thinking of the celebrity version. Mess.

    Paula coming in to judge a bunch of returning contestants she’s never met... no thanks.
  3. I thought the Celebrity and All Stars series were supposed to be the redemption arc... this show is so beyond salvaging.
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  4. She knows the winner, so it's fine.

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  5. I'm confused about how they're going to keep this fair?

    Kevin McHale is a trained singer, has had loads of hits and has been part of world tours singing with Glee as well as releasing his own music. Surely he has a leg up over say, some Rugby players?
  6. Yes and no, it's a similar situation to people like Normani, Heather Morris, Nicole Scherzinger, Tinashe or the figure skaters/gymnasts appearing on Dancing With The Stars. They might apparently have it easier but at the end of the day it's the audience relationship to them that marks how they will fare on the competition.

    Kevin might even be perceived as a favourite who "everyone will vote" and no one ends up doing so, and the Rugby players might suddenly become dark horses.
  7. But isn't it being advertised as "celebrities not known for singing"... when, for example, that's literally all Kevin McHale is known for in the UK (singing on Glee)?

    I know Megan McKenna has released an album (or maybe just singles, I can't remember) but for the majority of the GP she will only be known for CBB/Towie/Ex on the beach.
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  8. That's true too, you've got a point.
  9. Ricki Lake. God, what an icon.
  10. This isn't a "celebrities learn a new skill" show a la Strictly/DWTS. It's a straight forward Celebrity version of The X Factor where the contestants take part on the basis that they can already sing.

    If some are better performers with more experience, then that's all part of the game.
  11. God I hate this ‘he already had a singing career’ stuff. Like they do with pop stars that do strictly ‘they’ve got dance experience’. So what? It’s so boring. Every year it’s the same thing like no ones ever said it before. Just bloody enjoy it.
  12. I'm here for Ricki doing more Kesha and Gaga covers.
  13. Confirmed launch date of Saturday 12 October:

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  14. That logo is very porn studio
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  15. I hope Ricki Lake sings Hole in the Head.
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  16. I hope she arrives onstage to this theme song:

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  17. They are boring celebrity’s I can’t say I’m excited but I’m sure Itl be ok
  18. I was tempted to tune in for the mess but that lineup...

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  19. I wonder if they’ll make Leona sing the songs she passed up on, “Impossible/Halo/We Found Love/Burn”.
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  20. I think I’m actually going to go ahead and inflict this on myself.
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