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X Factor Celebrity/X Factor All Stars 2019

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. Rob


    All Stars was literally the last breath this show had before being put down and it's a real shame it's no longer happening.
  2. All Stars was a great idea and I was super excited for it but we do all know that it would have been a disaster.

    I am really disappointed but in the long term I know this is saving me a few weeks of agony watching a few people I like take part in the X-Factor circus.

    Celebrity has been much more excruciating to watch than I could have ever imagined and I can’t believe the lows this show is reaching week on week but while Megan is still in the competition I will be putting myself through the pain of watching.
  3. I'm assuming Louis and Paula don't work for cheap (they don't have to) so this has 'budget cuts' written all over it.
  4. Megan should easily walk this, but realistically, what is she going to get from it? She already had a record deal etc.
  5. The whole thing is pointless.

    Of course, I'll still record next week's episode and zoom through it in 30 minutes by fast forwarding all the adverts and VT preamble cuntery.

    And two-thirds of the shite "critiques".
  6. The way it deserves to be watched!
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  7. As with Big Brother, there's little point in this show existing if it's no longer 'event TV', something it hasn't been for a while. Like BB, it's being kept on life support when the plug should have been pulled long ago.
  8. Isn't this just being used to market Megan and the YouTube Twins ?
  9. Exactly how I've been watching it.
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  10. A proper All Stars series could have been so good and nostalgic. X Factor is just a tacky shambolic mess these days.
  11. I was looking forward to All Stars, it is fascinating what a shambles this has quickly descended into. I don't know what Simon is playing at "not being able to judge". Vinnie Jones stumbling around shouting and Martin Bashir being shit is not it.
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  12. Took them bloody long enough to try and replicate the magic of Popstars: The Rivals and then two shows come along at once!
  13. I guess that Louis and Paula even being the judges was a warning sign - you just know that Ms Scherzinger and Ms Osbourne would have had "pay or play" contracts signed and sealed two months ago... Louis and Paula will have cleared their diaries in "good faith" (never a good idea with SyCo, as we know...)
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  14. Just read this week's PopBitch Mailer... they're saying that "The Band" has already been pitched to (and rejected by) Netflix and is intended to be Love-Island-esque whereby members of each group can switch throughout the series...
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  15. So it's Popstars then?
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  16. Seems like there'll be several groups (boys/girls/mixed) at the start and members will start to swap/join the others as people (not groups) get eliminated... so basically a disastrous mess of a show (did we expect anything else?)
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  17. Is this Simon's or the girls' show premise? Please tell me the former...
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  18. Simon's show (it's just me reading between the lines regarding format)... I have substantially higher hopes for the Little Mix programme!
  19. I agree with this, but just want to note that there are no mixed groups on Simon's show, boys/girls only, and no groups to start - they are only auditioning soloists. Which would make the competition elements more straightforward.

    We don't know LM's format but we do know that they are open to mixed gender groups and their production staff is searching for instrument players as well as traditional pop group talent, and their initial statement was about having people try different groups until they find something that gels.

    As I said in the LM thread, from everything they have said I suspect their show may be roughly in the area of a format I floated on DS a few years ago, where a big chunk of the show is spent at "camp" stage trying to make actual functioning groups with relatively limited audition/backstory and final competition elements. I thought this would be an appealing format to potential young stars in 2019.
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  20. Let’s hope Martin gets sent home today...
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