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X Factor Celebrity/X Factor All Stars 2019

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by MrJames, Feb 16, 2019.

  1. I actually thought Ariel had a decent voice underneath all the bravado. It’s still I’d say my favourite X Factor audition. It’s just bonkers.
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  2. Honestly I'm really sad about Ariel. An actual icon.
  3. I think it's since come out that she never taught the lead singer of Bullet For My Valentine.

    Not that it mattered, as I suspect at least two people on that panel - perhaps even all four - wouldn't have had a clue who she was talking about anyway.
  4. Megan has to win this, right?
  5. I’m sure there was some lip syncing going on in that V5 performance...
  6. JENNEH to win.

    Just because she’s a bit iconic.

    I do actually think she’d be good with a bit of vocal training.
  7. First time I've watched this series and it's truly terrible.
  8. No Megan... this is not the right song for you ...
  9. Yay she did it! Thank goodness for that 2nd song!
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  10. When he left for the US X-Factor (with Cheryl... so much for that) and Dannii left and it became Gary - Tulisa - Kelly then Nicole - Louis, it was such a strong panel and the show maintained strong ratings/popularity without Simon. Simon seems so think all his shows need him, when nowadays, I actually would say the opposite and in fact his continuing to be there is probably what's killing it.
  11. Axe this show already . It was only good when Dannii, Louis , Cheryl , and Simon were on it . No panel has ever come close , but the format doesn’t work anymore now . Singing shows are tired !
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  12. I think it would only work if each contestant got to write/perform their own songs each week. Then the public get to vote for the best song.

    Each week we can see the process of how they wrote the song. They can bring in popular songwriters each week to work with the contestants. You can still have 'theme' weeks if you want - ballad week, banger week, alternative week or whatever.

    Then by the time the show ends, whoever wins already has an album of original material ready to release and they can capitalise on that by releasing the album right after winning the show.
  13. Not sure that would work . Ideally it would be nice , and would be so fresh . But it wouldn’t happen as the producers would want them to perform what they want. As well as the label / station will want to own 100% of the material written by the contestants . Which a lot of the contestants would not allow that .
  14. Just trying to think outside the box. It was certainly refreshing this year to have Megan singing her own material. Makes for a much better show than just hearing the same cover songs over and over with flamboyant production.
  15. No I agree with you . Sadly these shows are just overdone . I always thought they should retire it for 5-10 years and bring it back .
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  16. That year (ignoring the Alexandra/JLS pinnacle which just can't be disputed) is my favourite series - Little Mix, Misha B, Marcus Collins and Amelia Lily all delivered at least one great song following the show... Simon Cowell could never...
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  17. I mean that was pretty much Rak-Su and then no album came out of it
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  18. Or Fame Academy.
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  19. I loved Fame Adademy. Ainslie Henderson was an early crush.
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