X Factor Celebrity/X Factor All Stars 2019


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"The excitement was real"

I only ever tuned into this for Megan because it really, really was car crash TV. The 'making it up as you go along' rules, the forcing of judges to put people in chairs, the whole Vinnie quitting thing. It was all really watch through your fingers carry on.

I watched the final (flicking between SCD when anyone but Megan was on, then the results), but I just kind of noticed, what does she get!? No Winners Single or anything! Considering last years winner hasn't released anything yet (?), I wonder what they're actually going to do with her. Simon seems pretty keen on her, but who knows.
The news below is so stupid, and I say that as someone who watched this religiously for the first decade.

The only way to save this format is to give it 3+ years off, make people miss it so it can come back with a huge bang, and more importantly figure out a way for it to work in the current pop culture and streaming landscape.

Running it into the ground even more when it's barely scraping 3million viewers this year is just... wild.

Ha, oh dear.

What is the X-Factor status right now? Is the show dead and buried or are they still planning to reviving?

I think I'd only bother watching now if they brought back Dannii and Cheryl but I don't see that happening.
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I think all that's come out about racism and treatment of contestants/signed acts the show is truly dead a buried.