X Factor List: Contestant Rank!

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After much deliberation, my order of favourites:

1. Cher
2. Rebecca
3. Mary
4. Matt
5. Katie
6. Paige
7. One Direction
8. Wagner

However, the order I see actually occuring is this:

1. Matt (winner)
2. One Direction (runner up)
3. Rebecca
4. Mary
5. Wagner
6. Cher
7. Katie
8. Paige
My favourites remaining:
1) Matt
2) Rebecca
3) Mary
4) Cher
5) Paije
6) One Direction
7) Wagner
8) Katie

How it may end up:
1) Matt
2) One Direction
3) Rebecca
4) Cher
5) Mary
6) Katie
7) Wagner
8) Paije

Paije (4)
Rebecca (1)
Cher (6)
One Direction (5)
Matt (3)
Mary (7)
Katie (9)
Wagner (8)

Paije's was the only performance even close to good.
Katie (8)
Rebecca (2)
Cher (1)
Paije (9)

Tesco Mary (5)
One Direction (3)
Matt (4)
Wagner (6)

The first half of Paije would've topped it for me, but the second have was barely better than Wagner...
Baby C's X Factor Rankings 2010 - Top 8 (Week 7)

Much better than last week even if the performances were all over the place.

1 - Cher (Imagine): Not as good as 'Stay' but still rather lovely. I have no idea what Simon and Louis were going on about other than the fact they are obviously threatened.

2 - One Direction (All You Need Is Love): Can't believe they're 2nd but most of the usually good people were terrible and they upped their game.

3 - Tesco Mary (Something): Perfect song but all the while we have a proper Shirley Bassey we don't need this bargain bin version.

4 - Paije (Let It Be): He has a perectly good voice but doesn't know how to sing. He huffs and puffs his way through breathing in all the wrong places, trying to do riffs that he can't manage and in this case going into vocal meltdown at the very end with a note selection that defied all musical comprehension. The tacky choir didn't help either.

5 - Katie (Help): I almost put her a couple of places higher but then realised she only seemed good because she's been so shit for so many weeks. The thing that has really improved is her song selection. She's no longer picking songs way out of her vocal range but she still can't sing and she doesn't finish of any note properly leaving it hanging there kind not quite complete and without quite hitting it.

6 - Matt (Come Together): Who'd a thunk he would end up this low but that was pretty terrible. Bellowing his way through with a strangely hoarse vocal inflection and the vest was just weird. It got much better towards the end but I'd kinda stopped listening by then.

=7 - Rebecca (Yesterday): We're right back where we started. This was just horrid. Wildly out of tune from beginning to end, her diction is shocking and when her vocals are this abysmal there is nothing to distract from just what a boring performer she is. Wretched.

=7 - Wagner (Some awful medley): Without 'Hey Jude' he might have moved up a place but WTF was he doing murdering that song??? Actually I'm going to make him equal 7th due to his fabulous put dowm on Cheryl.

Should be bottom 2

Should be bottom 2 - Wagner + Rebecca.

Will be bottom 2 - I've absolutely no idea. Maybe Paije and Katie.

Should go home - On this weeks performance Rebecca but for weeks of torture Katie.

Will go home - Katie hopefully.

1. Rebecca (2)
2. Matt (5)
3. One Direction (4)
4. Mary (6)
5. Cher (3)
6. Wagner (8)
7. Katie (7)

The only really good peformances were Matt and Rebecca's seconds.
Cher (3)
Tesco Mary (5)
Rebecca (2)
Wagner (8)
Katie (1)
One Direction (6)

Matt (7)

I'm scared how high Wagner is.
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