X Factor Magazine

Music Week say it will be produced by Mr PJ himself. and the first issue is out in septemeber. Does anyone know when its out?


I know it being stocked in Tesco exclusively. I might pick it up when I buy Nuhdeeeeeens album.
breakfast2 said:
AcerBen said:
Can't wait for this. Bought NME last week and wondered why the hell I bothered.

I'm pretty sure this won't be 'PJ the print version'.

I hope Peter will still be allowed to criticise Simon Cowell, The X Factor and that whole machine on this site if he needs to criticise them. Because they do need it sometimes. Will he be able to do that if he's part of that machine?
I don't think any of the writers will be slating Simon Cowell.

Good things: a print launch! A new magazine! Maybe some good journos working on it!

Bad thing: it'll be full of advertorial and product placement! Fremantle will be involved and their entire staff shares one pea-sized brain!
Is it going to be a pop music magazine or just focus on The X Factor and what happens behind the scenes?
Bit of both it seems....

Robison told Music Week of the new venture: “Issue one comes out in September, it’s weekly, and it continues when The X Factor goes off air, Our editorial team is the strongest of any British pop magazine in almost 20 years and this certainly feels like the biggest pop magazine launch in Justin Bieber’s lifetime.”

He added: “We’re being given a surprising level of access to judges and contestants, which will give readers unprecedented coverage of the show.

“We’re also committed to covering fashion and beauty. It’s a magazine that reflects the fact that while there’s more to The X Factor than just music, there’s also more to pop music than just The X Factor.”