X Factor Magazine

vasilios said:
So many questions!

Not really.

There's a German X-Factor magazine as well:


68-pages of posters, pictures, useless interviews with the public's favourite contestants, what Sarah Connor's nose size is etc.

The UK magazine is a unique entity not comparable to the X-Factor franchise magazines in Europe.


Yeah but Germany has Bravo and Popcorn (please tell me Poprocky isn't still going!) kids read mags there. Greece has never had pop magazines since the late 80s. We had a Greek version of Smash Hits for 2 years (officially the worst years of my life because the UK edition stopped coming out here) and it used to sell 3 copies.

Still. I am getting this.
This may have already been discussed, but I saw this in my local M&S yesterday. Is it no longer exclusive to Tesco?
From the X Factor twitter
Question: What does Cheryl say is the real story about Girls Aloud? Answer: oh, you need to go to X mag for that..

Its working now typical! http://xfactor.itv.com/2010/xmagazine/

I presume will she shed some light on Nadine maybe...

or just say the same usual stuff she says about Girls Aloud and the future of GA.
popprincess said:
^ Yes, how did you guess!!

She does seem up for doing something for there 10 year anniversary!
Why doesn't she just say next year then?

I'd love them to do something big, perhaps rework some of their older songs for a new Greatest Hits & Beyond kinda deal

I just realised that 10 years will be the year AFTER next... idiot! haha
Popjustice said:
I am sure they could pass it off as 2002-2011 which does indeed span a decade.
True, but apparently Cheryl is lying anyway, if you take what people are saying in the Nadine/Cheryl/Girls Aloud threads, she wouldn't want/need/have to go back to Girls Aloud.


Any news whether we can subscribe to it overseas? I'd love to read this every week. Seems to cover a lot of my favourite popstars, and since it's edited by the man behind my favourite pop website it's guaranteed to be well written.

Meanwhile... Would anyone like to buy me an issue (preferably two or three) and ship it/them? I'll pay you!

(I live in Sweden.)


I am traveling to London tomorrow and I am one of the reasons I am hyped is that I will buy this as soon as I arrive to read on the train!


Got is this week because of the Dannii cover. I loved the re-released albums guide!
Chris_Griffin said:
vasilios said:
I am traveling to London tomorrow and I am one of the reasons I am hyped is that I will buy this as soon as I arrive to read on the train!

There's no Tesco at the airport?

Its not a tesco exlusive any more. You can get it pretty much anywhere that sells magazines now