X factor NZ

Anyone watching the first series of New Zealand X Factor? So far so good. And the judges started off a bit awkward but they're starting to gel well now.
Daniel Bedingfield and Stan Walker are more campy than I would of imagined but it works and Melanie is great as the "Simon" of the bunch. Ruby Frost I had never heard of but she's been a great firery fresh face to have on the panel.
Anyone else have thoughts?
I've only seen a few episodes but it's all rather cringeworthy, I don't know why they bother with these type of shows in NZ they never seem to take off (New Zealand Idol anyone?).

The judges could have been alot better, I mean Stan barely has a career himself, Melanie is alright as is Daniel Bedingfield, and she maybe a nice girl but Ruby Frost is a complete nobody and I still don't know what she does exactly?!

More established NZ artists would be better judges like Bic Runga, Brooke Fraser, Anika Moa, Dave Dobbyn, The Finn brothers the list goes on...
Brooke Fraser would of been awesome but I guess they were going for 2 young up and comers and 2 older older and more "established" singers.
But you are right that they could of used better judges.

Oh my god, don't take me back to New Zealand Idol...that's a horrible horrible time I would like to pretend never existed.
Haha! I was completely devastated Camillia Temple didn't win NZ Idol. Tragedy!

Also this was amazing!

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Rachel Stevens as guest helper person? Please line her up as a judge for the UK X Factor and the relaunch of her solo stardom!
Do we know who the other guest judges on? I'm only up to episode 6 at the moment but I'm def loving this season! It's a bit cringe but still really enjoyable. The judges have such great chemistry (take not american idol) and how awesome was Britney's "congrats" video package to the contestants.
The first live show really lacked atmosphere, didn't it? So many awkward silences. Looks like it's between Daniel Bedingfield and Mel Blatt to take the role of nasty judge, too. I find Ruby Frost to be completely useless as well. She smiles inanely at everything and she's just so pleasant.
I watched the first episode last night.

I won't be watching anymore.

I find Daniel Bedingfield quite rude the way he sits when contestants are singing. It's like he just can't be bothered. Ruby Frost seems nice but she hasn't given me anything noteworthy to talk about. Melanie just pisses me off the way she talks to contestants, all mightier than thou. Stan is the only good judge on there.

The panel really is scraping the bottom of the barrel. It's almost as bad as Jamelia being a coach on the Voice Ireland.
The lives shows are terrible, I agree - no atmosphere. The way the judges sit on those chairs too, it looks like such an unprofessional mess.

I'm not sure what you're getting at Whiteflag35? I would want Jamelia on XFUK!
What I mean is Jamelia is hardly a star is she? She is amazing (I love her on Twitter) but she's not exactly relevant anymore is she?
Is anyone watching the current series?
It's such an improvement over last year...both talent and judges wise.

They dynamic of the group is so unique in that Natalia kills and Willy Moon are both married and that Melanie and Stan are so much more comfortable.