X Factor: The Band

I think what they need to do with these girls is properly spend time developing them as a group but not making them disappear off the face of the earth like they like to do with every winner that formula doesn't work anymore. I think they should while recording and developing as a group star releasing and posting covers and try to be active also on social media and doing interviews to build up there following. Then I say around summer time drop there 1st single and actually promote it not just release it and see what happens actually going to radio stations so they play it and playlist it and making sure it’s on the right playlists on streaming so it does well on that also

But knowing Simon/Syco they will mess it up like always ...
To be fair, half of the viewers that watched it have liked it with those numbers.

Also, just seen this on Twitter. Wasn’t this show only a replacement for All Stars literally 3 weeks ago?

Interesting, 4 of them already have a pretty decent social media presence as singers... doubt they’d stay as a group for long if things went south.
The rush of this show is like when DC decided to throw out half-baked movies in order to create a universe to then complete with the many years of hard work Marvel had put in.

For Nicole to suggest anyone on that show could be as big as One Direction (when that show would have been 15-20 million in viewing figures) without the same build up and hype was just stupid.

I hope all involved are cared for and nurtured and not just thrown on the scrap heap once they realise it’s not going to be quite the breeze in the park as it has been before with Little Mix or 1D.

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They should do a cheap YouTube reality series like basically every rookie K-pop group has these days, even the ones from tiny agencies. Ideally following the group through the industry as they do post-show promo and then set off to do their first live performance and create their first single. But even a few episodes where they answer fan questions or play games could probably work. Six months of radio silence besides "SOON" posts on Instagram will definitely not work.

So should there be a thread to follow one or both groups? And should it be in the "potential next big things" forum given the ratings of this show?

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My favorite unused group name is still the code name for the SM agency's female trainees, White Fox. Really a lot of color/animal combinations could work when you think about it.

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Of course you can make a lot of joke names too, but even that one is kind of intriguing and lighthearted, at least to me! Not transparent and making a blunt marketing push like Real Like You.
Would Leona have been a judge on all stars? Or did she insist on having something to do as she cancelled other things to do All Stars?

Good question. Either way, I really enjoyed her on this and she seemed to give the best comments/feedback to the contestants. She'd be a good addition to Britain's Got Talent or The Voice if she decides not to go back to music.