X Factor: The Band

By the time they release something, I'll have forgotten about them which is a shame cause I loved the winning song. I would stan them.
Was there even a prize other than the title? Did they actually win a deal, considering they didn't even release a winners song?
The girls won a record deal and I think they were working on music before Lockdown happened but who knows when they will release anything at this point tbh.
These names... That whole show was such a mess.

It was scraped together in about 2 weeks wasn't it? I was told they were so desperate they were auditioning people over the phone, in offices and asking any soloists from their holding pools to audition. I didn't watch any of the series but from what I heard, it was a mess on screen and off ddd
Doing the thing in a week was such a bad idea. I literally cannot remember what they look like, except vaguely the one that writes her own songs. And I don't remember any of their names.
I remember one of the girls and that’s purely because on the All Saints tour in 2018, she came out and performed a song during one of the support acts slots.