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X Factor: The Band

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. I actually followed them on Instagram, a bunch of the members in both groups were already having very minor success there before the show and for now they all seem thrilled with the boost they've gotten for just a few weeks of work. They've been working it as hard as they can considering they're split until mid-January. The girls account has been gaining followers at a modest but consistent pace and they are nearing the size of the current smaller UK girl groups, with Jess already having more than any individual member.

    The format may have done a terrible job at allowing them to realize their potential and getting people invested, but I don't think it's a hopeless starting point if they can actually deliver something decent next year.
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  2. Say why you want about the show but they are so pure and sweet, I really hope find success in the new year!
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  3. Kelli-Marie's audition song was really good, they should have released that instead.
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  4. By the time they release something, I'll have forgotten about them which is a shame cause I loved the winning song. I would stan them.
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  5. V5 for the win.
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  6. The girls seem to be in studio and recording already so that’s a good start !
  7. Have they lost any members yet? 6 is 1 too many, ask Carmit.
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  8. Poor thing they didn’t even get to release a cover let alone a single
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  9. Stan Twitter is in meltdown. Nonstop coverage on the Daily Mail sidebar of shame.
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    Just when you thought 2020 couldn't get more cruel
  11. I can't even remember them...........
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  12. Was there even a prize other than the title? Did they actually win a deal, considering they didn't even release a winners song?
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  13. The girls won a record deal and I think they were working on music before Lockdown happened but who knows when they will release anything at this point tbh.
  14. Oh I thought this was the girls splitting up. What are they called?
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    Real Like You
  16. These names... That whole show was such a mess.
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  17. It was scraped together in about 2 weeks wasn't it? I was told they were so desperate they were auditioning people over the phone, in offices and asking any soloists from their holding pools to audition. I didn't watch any of the series but from what I heard, it was a mess on screen and off ddd
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  18. Great names all round then! Wow.
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  19. Did the final not get less viewers than University Challenge?

    99.4% of the population aren’t even aware of its existence - let alone the two groups.
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