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X Factor: The Band

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. I remember one of the girls and that’s purely because on the All Saints tour in 2018, she came out and performed a song during one of the support acts slots.

  2. Real Like You are a five-piece now.
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  3. Mvnl

    Mvnl Staff Member

    Are they even still signed with Syco going heads up?
  4. They still are I believe . Also they seem to be all moving in together today judging by there instagram stories !
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  5. 5 is actually a better number for a girl group than 6 tbh and they actually look more cohesive as a group in this picture already . Let’s just hope Syco knows what there doing with them as I do think there’s potential here with these girls .
  6. A five piece is much better. If they can come out with a banger then I’m here for it, I’m all for more girl bands.

    i just hope they go with the ‘RLY’ abbreviation if they intend on sticking with the name.
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  7. ADM


    Nothing against Sia but they do look better as a five piece, the fact she's in Ireland was probably a factor too.

    RLY is so much better.
  8. The Girls from Real Like You uploaded this cover the other day on there new Youtube page . There sounding pretty good to be fair !

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  9. They actually sound... great.
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  10. Their harmonies sound very tight I.hope they upload more covers and get some a good following going
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  12. But wait a minute, hold on! That was a cool mashup!
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  13. It really was ! There harmonies are sounding really tight as well .
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  14. New original Christmas Song ‘Join Us By The Christmas Tree’ written by group member Kelli

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  15. Ok but they sound really good here . Them harmonies are sounding TIGHT !

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  16. Destiny Child/Chloe and Halle mash up

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  17. ADM


    Not to compare but...

  18. Well I mean this like 12 seconds .... comparing it to Real Like You’s version which is over 2 minutes there’s not much comparison haha .
  19. both are impressive though!
  20. Rob


    Like what is the plan for these girls? They're super talented but why aren't they releasing anything? Is Syco just keeping them in development hell until they inevitably drop them?
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