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X Factor: The Band

Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by Matgo, Nov 5, 2019.

  1. Not them losing 2 members before they’ve even released a single.
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  2. Apologies for the double post but:

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  3. Yeah, to be honest I've unfollowed them as the main draw was Luena's voice. They've just left it far too long now.
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  4. ADM


    They've posted a 1:30 sound clip on Instagram as well as a bit of a "sing in front of the selfie camera in the sitting room" of another song. They're at the 'not us leaking our own songs' stage. The gag is it's the first time we've heard them sing together since X factor (in 2019!!), minus 2 members.
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  5. Someone commented saying “release this now” and they replied saying “trying”, definitely something strange going on.
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  6. ADM


    I find the whole thing bizarre, like, how are they affording life when they haven't been 'earning' (maybe I know very little and they're getting paid to record for 2/3 years) but I would have thought they would need to be giving some ROI to be making money by now.

    Who's their management, and label? All very peculiar.
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  7. They very recently signed with Warner
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