X Factor: The Band

Good for them getting something released, but a song they that's technically already out there (in a better iteration, I fear. I preferred the longer harmony sections).. They say they've recorded 100's of songs but girls where?

As someone who is into the goings on of the music industry all of this really interests me. Two labels and now self-releasing? What pays for all this for 5 (at a time 8) young women?
Unwritten Rule member Fred Roberts signed to Polydor this year and has released two excellent singles so far.

I went to his first solo headline show on Thursday night and the unreleased stuff sounds great too, and he was really chatty and overwhelmed by the support. I really hope he manages to break through!
It’s just so… bleh…. Also… filming with phone whilst driving???

I think this is the track... the video is just visualiser.
Anyway, the chorus should have some extra superpower.

I like it, but it's a missed opportunity for them since it could benefit from a bigger chorus. In my opinion, obviously.

On the other hand, I don't get why they added a fifth member after losing two girls from the original line-up after The X Factor. I wished they have stayed as a quartet somehow.

By the way, shouldn't RLY have their own topic on the Popjustice forum?