X Factor UK 2013

All I really want is for the judges and the producers to champion the contestants with the most star quality. What irked me about the last series was the constant focus on finding the right voice instead of finding that special someone who had the potential to be a viable popstar. This show has only proven with the massive success of One Direction, Olly Murs, Little Mix, JLS etc that it takes a lot more than a good voice to be a popstar. You need stage presence, distinctive style, personality or other talents (rapping, dancing, playing an instrument).

Sam Bailey and Nicholas McDonald are talented people but they do not have the X Factor. Their voices shine but they do not. I just can't see any big success for them post the show. Sam's album having a rush release and featuring covers just shows that Simon/Syco have zero confidence in her. I read somewhere that he's planning on signing Rough Copy, I think he'll give them a bigger push.