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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by passionoia, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. Let's start again.

    If you have any question as to why this thread was restarted PM me and it will be explained.
  2. Sad to see Lucy go. Hope she gets better soon, I'm sure she'll have a long career after the show.

    It's going to be so weird with only one girl left. And all my favourites are gone!! Carolynne, MK1, Jade (our Lord and Saviour) and now Lucy...

    Ella or District 3 'for the win' please.
  3. I can't believe she quit.

    I don't see this happening but I hope they bring Jade Ellis back! She was ROBBED last week!!!
  4. Ah, ok...

    Well, I really hope that Ella pulls it out of the bag tonight. I hate feeling apathetic towards junk tv.
  5. Hitori

    Hitori Guest

    The X Factor Facebook page says the Lucy will not be replace. So no former auditionee or contestant will be brought back. I'd like to see Ella or District 3 win.
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  6. ops


    Makes sense, what with the Big Brother 2006 controversy and the fact that everyone wildcard and up has faced the public vote in one way or another.

    I think this means that a double elimination at any point during the series is no longer a possibility.
  7. Yes, I'd imagine this would be the case.

    I'm not really watching this year, and didn't really watch last year either. However, I was intrigued to see a rumour floating around that Cowell will try and reunite the original three UK judges together again for the panel, and if he can't make the UK version, to draft either Cheryl or Dannii back in.

    Could be quite a good move actually. I don't think they'd have too many difficulties bringing Sharon back, but I'd think that Dannii or Cheryl may be slightly more resistant, particularly the former.
  8. Little chance of Dannii going back if Sharon is sitting on the same panel.
  9. I am really liking the judge line up apart from Gary.. I don't want Simon or Cheryl back.
  10. Oh eck, I was wondering where this had gone.

    So we're on thread 3.0 now? Eww, Amelle.
  11. Resi12

    Resi12 Guest

    YES TO DANNII COMING BACK. They didn't know what they had till they let her go. I wouldn't mind Cheryl coming back, in a way...

    Tulisa needs to go this season, so does Nicole. So does Gary.
  12. Louis/Nicole/Sharon + Simon. Christ, that'd be amazing. So much buffoonery.

    I understand Dannii might want time with dem baby(ies)?
  13. I wouldn't watch this programme if Sharon Osbourne was on it. Awful, awful woman.
  14. Tulisa down to one act already before Gary Barlow.
  15. Blessing in disguise. Tulisa has 100% of her time to now spend with Ella. Absolutely nothing to get in her way. Apart from the fact that she's mentored by Tulisa.
  16. Nicole in Essex with Amy Childs, amaze.
  17. RJF


    Whoever said in the other thread that Nicole is the breath of fresh air the show needed years ago is absolutely spot on.
  18. Ballad Rylan lasted long...
  19. Hags

    Hags Guest

    I fucking love Nicole, she's come into her own so much during these live shows. She's everything Kelly Rowland should have been.

    Loving this Gimme Gimme Gimme/Hung Up mashup for Ry. Nicole picks great songs.
  20. Rylan's performance was actually kinda great? District 3 and Baloney are still here, so he's got breathing space.
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