X-Factor UK

That's right, lets bring back a judge that was never apart of the show when it was at peak. I'm not ageist but two judges over the age of sixty doesn't bode well for this particular format.

I agree with Vashetti, it was a winning formula. I really enjoyed Nicole but Dannii to this day still remains the best judge.
I don't necessarily think Sharon returning is the right course of action, but it would be nice to have a woman on the show who isn't a failed/future pop princess and pretty face, but has actually had a role in the thinking part of the music industry.
Maybe they should get Miranda Cooper or Brian Higgins from Xenomania on the show - they ain't doing much else at the moment and it's a massive understatement to say that they understand how pop music works. They'd be great for the show albeit probably not so entertaining and not many people know who they are.
Nicole's Little Lamb Chop/Sweet Pea is missing her already!

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Mel B as a judge DEFINITELY. She was amazing this year and she's great on Australian X Factor.