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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AllStar7, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. I think firing Cheryl was when this show was officially over. Prior to that people were positive about the show and excited to see it. Once he fired a judge so early on and then got cocky talking about 20 million viewers, that brought out the press vultures and created a story of turmoil and failure. He basically sealed his own fate. Nobody wants to go into the first season of a show with that many problems. After that it seemed to be one dramatic change after another to try and "save" the show. That rarely works in the US. He should've stuck to his guns for season one, rode it out and if it works it works, if it doesn't it doesn't. He has no one to blame but himself.
  2. Yeah, any kind of consistency went out of the window as soon as they got rid of a judge after two days.
  3. Firing Cheryl showed how incompetent the shows producers were, but she was an abysmal choice in the first place given how no one in America knew who she was.
  4. I didn't particularly think it was an issue when no one knew she was. No one knew who Randy or Simon were, or LA Reid, and I get they're behind the scenes and not popstars, but I think they could have made something of Cheryl and had her as a 'breakout star'.

    I was really happy to see Paula signed before the show premiered. It wasn't a good decision, going backwards and not forwards. All the craziness and slurred speech was gone, she was fully competent which wasn't much fun.
  5. I don't think firing Cheryl would have been such a big deal if Nicole had been any good. I honestly believe Cheryl would have been a disaster if they'd kept her on. Fox clearly fired her for what they felt was a good reason.
  6. KAG


    I actually enjoyed the American version and preferred it to American Idol, which has always felt stale to me. I loved the stage production, the song choices and the fact that most of contestants had star quality. Astro, Alex & Sierra and Jeff Gutt were amazing.

    I think the show's judging panel was mess in all three seasons. Bringing Cheryl was a bizzare move considering she was a virtual nobody in the States, however her firing actually killed off any interest and excitement the UK had in the show. Paula and Nicole were decent judges but nobody in America really cared too much about them.

    The second season saw a massive improvement with the introduction of Mario Lopez and Khloe Kardashian as hosts. They were competent and showed more personality than Steve Jones. I like the guy but hiring someone from T4 is NEVER a good idea. Britney Spears and Demi Lovato joining gave the show some much needed star quality, however Britney failed to live up to expectations. Every week she became more and more distant from the process and had nothing interesting to say.

    Kelly Rowland was a great judge and Paulina Rubio was definitely... entertaining, however the damage was done. There had been far too many mistakes and changes on the show that people had simply stopped caring.
  7. No loss here really. I was actually planning on auditioning when Cheryl was going to be a judge, but oh well.
  8. JohnR85

    JohnR85 Guest

    Everthing about the show was awful, the judges, most of the contestants and most of all the presenters...I expected much more from it.
  9. It was basically the most expensive misadventure in reality TV history. I don't get how something so high budget just consistently came across so... cheap... in every regard.
  10. I think Cheryl is very calculated when it comes to a show like X Factor. She knows how to reel the audience in and be charming. She was able to do that each season she did. Another thing with her firing that didn't help was that she got such good reviews when the show aired, all in mainstream American press. It just gave the press yet another reason (in addition to Simon's 20 million viewer comment) to pounce on the show. At the very least, they should've kept Cheryl through auditions and even Judges Houses and then pay her off to give an on screen exit and say she had obligations in the UK. You can't start off with a scandal.
  11. Its a shame Kelly never got the chance to do all three seasons, she'd have been a good judge and would have given the show a little more consistency.
  12. I think one of the biggest issues was Simon's inability to make the show something that worked for an American audience, mainly that most American shows don't thrive on tabloid headlines the way the UK version seems to. Cheryl's firing gave it headlines and publicity for a hot second, but it didn't quite instill faith in the general public.

    Though of course, the biggest issue was just that its first season was not good at all. The chemistry between the judges was off, the production values weren't up to snuff, and, as the worst offense, the contestants as a whole lacked star quality and/or notoriety. American Idol and The Voice can, to a certain point, get away with boring contestants but for a show that's about having the X factor this is obviously a no-no.

    Also, InTENsity.
  13. Agreed. The UK version had the benefit of a supine press that was happy to work with Simon's PR machine because they crave the X Factor demographic as readers. The 2009 & 2010 series were able to really push the boundaries of controversy with Wagner and the shock eviction of Lucie "You've got a petal stuck to your head" Jones (I was actually on holiday when the later happened and could feel the uproar online from my Facebook feed - something I haven't seen since.)

    I also think X Factor USA was just too big in scale without having earned it. It's easy forget just how relatively low key the early UK series were. The ridiculously over the top staging and production values only came after the UK public had really bought into the show after winners like Leona and Alexandra and was happy to play along with it.
  14. Well, I think the obvious factor here was that no one saw the Voice coming in six months before X-Factor's premiere and being huge. It basically ended up stealing X-Factor's thunder, so by the time it went on the air it just felt stale and like old news.
  15. I thought the same thing. The second season looked like it was being transmissioned through some crappy American cable channel like Oxygen or BET.

    I actually disagree with this. I think Drew, Rachel Crowe, Chris Rene and Josh Krajcik had something about them. I get the likes of Cece and Paige seemed like popstars later on, but they couldn't sing live.
  16. I also think they were under the illusion that America loved Simon (and by some association, Paula, at least in the first year) and was the key to Idol's past success. The reality was the public didn't care about him and don't hold him with the reverence that the UK seems too. He was simply the acerbic judge.

    I wonder, do other countries' XF have the Wagners and Jedwards,controversies,etc that Simon's XFs have?
  17. X Factor Australia doesn't have joke acts or hate figures, but it has proper pop star acts with production for every single performance whether it's uptempo or ballad. I found XFUSA weird for that, they turned contestants like Dexter who turned into jokes, but all the jokes/hate figures went by Season 1 in the first week of lives, and then we had Cece as the hate figure act in Season 2. I didn't really see that in Season 3, but Carlito staying seemed to irritate a lot of people.
  18. Rachel Crowe was not gone in the first week.
  19. Well, there was a reason why I said "as a whole." I didn't want to say that no one from the first season had any star quality at all, but as a whole they were quite drab, particularly for a show called The X Factor. But really, the only person out of the ones you listed that I agree with is Rachel. If she had competed when she were, say, 18 or 19, I think things could've gone quite differently for her. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if we see her further down the road with something a bit more mature and nuanced. And though she's not from the first season, I think the same could be said about Diamond White.

    And while we're on the topic of joke/hate acts on US X Factor, let's revisit this classic:

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