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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AllStar7, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. Jeffo, you didn't think anything of Drew? I got Rachel had childhood charisma, but I thought Drew was a huge potential star, she was wasted. I agree with Diamond and also Beatrice Miller. I didn't think much of Carly, always came across quite cold to me.

    I forgot they did this with him! I always just remembered joke/hate in the first week of Season 1 and then Cece and to an extent Paige in Season 2.
  2. I think X-Factor Australia is probably the best in the franchise and gets the balance right between being entertaining and trying to find talent. My only gripe is how long the judges talk in the sing-off about why they are saving/sending home each act.

    I actually think that Season 1 of X-Factor USA got a lot of things right. There were problems like the panel, but they could have been improved. Instead when it failed to get Idol style ratings, Simon and Fox had a knee jerk reaction to drastically change the show and they did it to an even worse extent for Season 3. Whoever thought hiring Paulina Rubio as a judge must have been fired.
  3. I just said to my friend (we've been discussing it after he read this thread) who on earth at FOX signed off three female judges and Paulina? It was like they couldn't be bothered anymore.
  4. The analysis is completely right, it's a show about pop acts who are going to be relevant and sell records. It's a difficult balance because it was absolutely right for X Factor to make itself as different as possible from Idol and The Voice, yet at the same time, how far do you want to go when you want to appeal to a mass audience?
  5. That's certainly the most comprehensive article on X Factor ever written! And it's interesting to read a US perspective. However, doesn't overstate the role of the judges in deciding what acts do a bit?
  6. I agree with what you're saying completely Leo. I've mentioned this many times in this thread but it always falls on deaf ears.
  7. Kelly Rowland was interviewed on The View yesterday, and Barbara Walters asked her about her thoughts on X Factor USA being cancelled, and if she is going to join the UK panel. She was very positive about her experience on the show last year, and praised Simon and the contestants on the show including Jeff Gutt, who she mentored.


  8. The analysis was interesting and I agreed with a lot of it. I had forgotten about LA Reid's shady behaviour on the show towards his own acts. However, I think Demi Lovato was given too much credit (blame) for her acts getting voted out so quickly. I doubt it was her decision to axe Jillian at Judges' House and take Cece and Paige over her.
  9. I'm glad someone can see some sense regarding Demi, and I'm not just saying that as a fan, I'm saying that as someone who has watched every single season of the UK, AUS and US. Paige/Cece for Demi were like Cher/Katie for Demi. Also, in regards 'to toe the company line', it is driven into everyone's heads that they are looking for popstars.
  10. 'The Voice,' 'Idol' & 'X Factor': All 26 Judges, Ranked


    This list really favors the American Idol judges, which I actually agree with.
  11. RJF


    Fucking Paula in at No.4 invalidates that completely though. I watched American Idol for years, and I can't remember one solid critique she gave.
  12. Kelly was a mess of a judge.
  13. Paula was amazing. For all the wrong reasons, admittedly, but amazing.
  14. 2014

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    Why do I find it so funny that Nicki and Mariah are mentioned together?
  15. I love they tied, but Nicki was actually miles better than Mariah. Mariah was an absolute mess that couldn't speak coherent sentences.
  16. I love that Britney is so low on the list, that even Paulina Rubio is ranked higher than her. They were both a disaster.
  17. There's an interview with Simon in tomorrow's Financial Times. In perhaps an unwillingness to concede defeat, Simon still has ambitions for X Factor USA to return:


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