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Discussion in 'The X Factor' started by AllStar7, Feb 8, 2014.

  1. RJF


    With Idol all but dead and The Voice below 10 million viewers, you wonder what the point is. The audience for these shows is shrinking.
  2. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    True. But the show Fox replaced The X Factor with (Utopia) did even worse and was pulled mid season. Simon is right in that singing shows tend to have a high base audience compared to most genres (ie. they tend not to drop below a certain amount). That's why The Sing Off survived so long on NBC.

    The question might then be "why not a new singing series rather than a revival" and the truth is that Rising Star's flop will have scared them. It made XFUSAs launch ratings look good.

    The challenge is to make it financially viable with more realistic ratings projections. If it has been re-pitched to Fox I'm sure much of the focus would be on how they could deliver a cheaper, tighter series. A shorter run, 3 judges (men, women, groups), 9 finalists, no separate results show could help.
  3. I could imagine the show being pitched to and aired on the ABC network, especially if Rising Star gets cancelled.
  4. This is an interesting look inside the mess that was US X Factor.

    - Don Philip's audition with Britney was set up by producers
    - Melanie Amaro had a meltdown and hated the corporate side of the music business, was pretty relieved that she flopped and never had to put out an album
    - Votes aren't rigged but editing skews the results to make viewers like certain acts more (Fifth Harmony was made to look "ditzy" and pave the way for a Tate Stevens win)
    - Auditions aren't really edited to make people look bad, some just are shittier than they realize or have a bad day
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  5. K94


    Oh my worddddd at Don Philips' uncut audition. I've never felt so uncomfortable - he was clearly unstable (why did he not just say what he did for a living??) but also LA Reid trying to out him in front of all those people was rather gross to me. Also you never really realise how amoral the producers are - the fact that all they cared about was getting a good shot really chilled me - UnReal seems less dramatised than I'd thought.

    The bit about the fakery was confusing - they don't want to be sued yet one has to sign a waiver to basically become a producer puppet? Ok...
  6. RhythmNative

    RhythmNative Moderator

    In perpetuity wavers are standard television protocol so that the producer is allowed to air that footage wherever they want in the world and repeat it as many times as they want and the contributor can't block them or ask for an additional appearance fee each time it's aired. PBS would use them on a documentary about pencils. They aren't written with voice manipulation in mind.

    And anyone who thinks these shows their phone vote rigged always strike me as tin foil hat types. An uncommercial act winning can't be used as evidence for a vote being rigged AND for the inverse argument simultaneously.
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  7. Dear lord, that uncut audition.
  8. Someone high up wanted Tate Stevens to win. I always found that conflicting, the second season was chasing a younger demo and yet they probably wanted a country winner under their belt because the first season's ratings were lower than expected and they would have wanted to capture middle America.
  9. I really hope that reference to Melanie setting a new standard for talent on reality shows is a joke?
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  10. I love them mentioning her not wearing makeup and putting on weight because she didn't care. Do you remember when she stumbled upon her real accent?
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  11. Any guesses as to who this could be?
  12. I'm taking a stab at Vino Alan.
  13. That seems almost too obvious.
  14. It does but out of all the ones it could possibly be they either went early or stayed till the final. He went in week 5 and had done very well in voting for the first few weeks.
  15. Melanie suddenly speaking in a Caribbean accent out of nowhere is one of my favourite reality show moments, despite the rest of the show being a mess.
  16. I liked the hot mess that was Stevie (?, the first season presenter). I remember he said something like "what will you do now that the dream is over?" to a freshly eliminated contestant (probably Dakota Rain), which I still use in conversations to this day.
  17. Steve Jones! He was in WAY over his head. Then they replaced him with a Kardashian.
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  18. Remember this hot mess....

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  19. Rachel's reaction to being eliminated and Astro refusing to sing in the bottom two were both messy, but the second season was just other level mess.

    Some truly awful performances, Paige falling over in her dress, Britney's ear piece, Britney's posture, Britney mis pronouncing Ke$ha, LeAnn Rhymes off her face and burping while singing a song with a 13 year old girl, LA Reid looking like he was in the dentist's chair, Demi's eyebrows, Demi and Simon, Demi acting like Jekyll and Hyde, Khloe's presenting.

    Then there was Paulina the next season...
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