X Factor USA - Season 3

Demons by Imagine Dragons is one of my favourite songs, it's actually the most played song on my ipod. It was absolutely perfect for Jeff and he's had a really strong week. Alex & Sierra and Jeff are really hard to choose between. Restless Road and Carlito were improved but they should take third and fourth spot.
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I just read the X-Factor was beaten in the ratings by The Sing-Off last night. So this show is now struggling for viewers against the bottom barrel talent shows? Mess.
Great show last night! Alex & Sierra and Jeff Gutt were brilliant. Alex & Sierra's performance of Gravity was FLAWLESS, I loved it so much.

If I'm going to be completely honest, Jeff was the best overall during all of his performances. He had a real moment with Hallelujah, and his performance of Demons was absolutely incredible. It was the perfect song choice for him. It was touching to see Kelly cry and get so emotional about mentoring Jeff, as well as what he said about learning so much from her. I've already expressed how I think they work so great together.

I find it odd that this show has such low viewership yet the songs from the show have been doing great on itunes.
Carlito shouldn't be in the final, but I don't see him touching the top two so I'm pretty happy.

Jeff really gave it his all with 'Open Arms'. I really didn't like it when Joe performed it, but Jeff took it to another place.

HAHA! Pau Factor, oh my.
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yeah just finished watching the results. Jeff's "Open Arms" was simply majestic. It gave me chills.

I'm really surprised how well Alex & Sierra are doing on the charts.
Top 3 finalists and judges press conference:



I'm surprised that Carlito made it to the finals. It was nice to see both Alex & Sierra and Jeff's songs doing well on iTunes. I feel like Jeff really needs to win the most based on his struggles in the music industry, but Alex & Sierra have the potential to be stars after the show ends. I voted for both of them on Wednesday night. I agree that Jeff's performance of Open Arms was incredible.

Demi obviously isn't in the videos. It's unfortunate that she lost all of her acts before the semi-finals, for the 2nd year in a row.
Demi will be back next year if it's on and she decides to sign up though. She's too much of a TV personality on that show.
Demi will be back next year if it's on and she decides to sign up though. She's too much of a TV personality on that show.

But you could say that about any of the female judges, even Paulina. I don't have a problem with Demi this season, but Kelly has been a much better judge and mentor overall. I think any logical person would agree with that.
AllStar7, no offence, but I think sometimes your love of Kelly Rowland completely clouds your judgement over her. I love Demi Lovato and have done for about 5 years, but I'm willing to admit a bad performance or bad decisions she's made.

I think Kelly has done a wonderful job on XFUS this year. I thought she was terrible as a judge and mentor on X Factor UK, and quite a lot of other people on this forum shared quite a similar opinion

However, I do think Demi outshines Kelly and Paulina when it comes to chemistry and connection. I don't think it's particularly clear how much involvement the judges are allowed to have as mentors and you must be able to see that yourself.
Simon has praised Kelly's performance on the UK X Factor very highly, and to be honest, that's really all that matters.

A lot of people on blogs and social media believed that Demi was an awful judge and mentor last year. She was getting negatively criticized outside of just this forum, for ruining her acts during the live shows. We can agree to disagree about that, but it's the truth.

While I agree that Demi could return next year, I just felt that your original statement was so naive and could apply to any of the other female judges. If Demi was fired from the show for her lack of mentoring ability, she would never admit to it and you would never know anyway.
Simon has also praised Demi, there is a quote about it when he resigned her. Kelly was getting criticised for her mentoring/judging outside of this forum and in the press too, remember when she went to LA for a week? It all started when the live shows hit, maybe you have a selective memory.

A lot of the comments were about Demi's mentoring, not judging - her judging has been praised loads. She was mentoring a category that wasn't going to suceed last year. Cece and Paige couldn't sing well enough live and were unlikeable, Jennel was boring and not relating. You could see Carly and Tate getting the final two a mile off, regardless of who was mentoring them.

It wasn't naive, AllStar7. I think you're naive for thinking they wouldn't resign a judge because they were seen as a poor metor. I'm not sure you understand how much control the producers have over X Factor and all final decisions in relation to songs and production. I seem to remember Paige doing 'Last Dance' last year and when Simon criticised the production, Demi said she wasn't allowed to change it.

Paulina makes incoherent sentences, confuses the audience and mucks up her ques and delivery. I really don't think you can compare her to Demi.
I'm not sure how I feel about that. The pace alreadys feels a bit rushed at times.
It's either that or cancellation though. The ratings are tragic and Fox can no longer afford to waste three hours of their schedule on it. Particularly since they're already committed to a final season of Glee, which is also doing poorly.
Demi and Kelly really need to stop crying.

Ugh.. ok where shall I begin...

I don't like that stunt Sierra pulled, "oow I'm so sad, I only sing for a year and a half and now I'm so pathetic" and a lot of other shit after some of the judges thought Alex was a better singer in one of their performances, she was clearly fishing for sympathy. She's getting a lot of unnecessary praise from the Judges since then, I always thought Alex was holding because, he's obviously a better singer than her, but now he's letting her shine too much. It was really sad too see this semi-final that Demi and Kelly were overcompensating for Sierra, when they're actually a team and she's only this good because Alex let's her, Ugh frustrating. Although I can't deny she and Carlito absolutely stole the battle between them. Her long note was everything. Alex was obviously better in the second performance though.

Speaking of Carlito... how the hell did HE get in the finals?! how is that even possible?! I always skip his performances, because they're boring and he's too much of an average singer. Josh Levi was so much better on so many Levels.

This Final is basically between Alex and Sierra and Jeff Gutt. I wanted them in the finals anyway, so it really doesn't matter who wins. A better Semi Final would be : A and S, Jeff, Josh and Elona/Lilly and the Final : A and S, Jeff and Elona/Lilly.
Yeah, it's an absolute joke that Josh or Ellona don't have that third spot. I feel so embarrassed when Carlito's parents dance to his performances. I'm sure they're lovely people but they seem to get more shots a performance than Cheryl Cole did on X Factor UK.