X Factor USA - Season 3

I haven't watched the final yet but I'm chuffed that Alex & Sierra won. I didn't 'get' them at first but their performance of "Say My Name" turned me into a fan. I hope Simon/Syco launch them internationally. There's definitely a space in the market for a act like them.

I hope Jeff Gutt continues to pursue music, because his voice is incredible. I was very moved by the friendship he and Kelly shared, and I loved watching them bond on a personal level.

I doubt they were as close as the show let on. I swear the mentors are only around when the cameras are on.

I know that it's only natural to be cynical of these singing reality shows, but I really believe that Kelly was a great mentor to Jeff. Mentoring is about much more than just song choices, and she really took the time to get to know him as a friend. Jeff has said numerous times how Kelly helped him deal with his past, his confidence as a performer and made him a better person. That's going to help him a lot through life, even beyond just this singing competition. For anyone that still has doubts, he wrote this on Facebook:

The two people who have helped me the most in my life. My son and Kelly Rowland (excluding my parents of course). I'll always cherish and remember the time and conversations we had. It was a blessing to have you as my mentor. Friend for life. Merry Christmas!


Thank you Kelly for the amazing guitar and for just being you. I got really lucky when you became my mentor and friend. God bless you and your family.


Simon, really? Dannii was definitely that invested. She's still tweeting promotion for all her previous acts years later.


I don't mind Jeff Gutt ending up marrying Kelly.

Simon, really? Dannii was definitely that invested. She's still tweeting promotion for all her previous acts years later.

And she's now managing Dami Im. Kelly and Dannii are my favorite X Factor judges. They're the real deal.
Kelly obviously isn't biased towards her Over 25s contestants, because she even offered Carlito an opening spot on her upcoming tour next year.

I wonder if the survey on the official X Factor USA page had anything to do with why none of the judges are returning to the panel next year:

Based on all the responses so far to this "X Factor" survey, most viewers think there wasn't much that was very good about the show's third season. In fact, many of viewers said it was the worst season so far, and that Demi Lovato and Paulina Rubio were two of the biggest turnoffs about the show. Only a small minority of viewers said that they liked Lovato and Rubio on "The X Factor." The majority of "X Factor" viewers made it clear that they did not like Lovato and Rubio. (See the comments at the end of this article for more details about what people said in "The X Factor" survey.)

Lovato, who became an "X Factor" judge in 2012, announced in December 2013 that she was leaving the show to focus on her music career. Rubio and Kelly Rowland (who joined "The X Factor" U.S. judging panel in 2013) have not yet announced if they are staying or leaving, but Rowland has said in interviews that she would like to stay with the show if she is asked. Rowland, by the way, was named by viewers as one of the few good things about "The X Factor" U.S. in 2013. Many viewers say that she was the best judge on the show this year.

Even though Rowland was highly praised by most viewers who responded to the survey, most of the viewer feedback consisted of complaints about the show. This viewer discontent is reflected in the downward spiral of "The X Factor" U.S.'s ratings. The show lost millions of viewers in 2013 and was often ranked in the lower half of the ratings among the U.S. prime-time network shows that aired on the same nights. According to the Nielsen Company, "The X Factor" U.S. averaged 6 million U.S. viewers per episode in 2013. By contrast, the show had 9 million U.S. viewers per episode in 2012, and 12 million U.S. viewers per episode in 2011.

And because ratings for "The X Factor" had such an alarming decrease, it's obvious that what people hated about the show had more of an impact on the ratings than what people loved about the show.

I don't get the backlash Demi is getting. Yes she wasn't the best but (to me) anyone should look better compared to Paulina Rubio.


Demi is really awful. I dunno why Simon hired her. She doesn't know how to mentor, and is an annoying person.
He probably hired her to appeal to a younger market to get that advertising cash but she never really connected with viewers it seems. I think she's a bit young to be giving advice and it's ironic that she's been charged with giving advice to contestants when her own career is bombing. I could never take her seriously in the clips and episodes that I've seen.
That's why like AllStar7, so much. And he always stan for the right people.

Thanks Totto. You have flawless taste in people/music too.

As for the 4th season of X Factor USA:

Fox Entertainment chief Kevin Reilly said at today's TCAs that "No decision" had been made on The X Factor yet, and added that if the show were to come back, it "would not be in its current format".