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To discuss who looks amazing and who looks like they're trying too hard. Dannii usually wins, but has been known to look ridiculous, and Cheryl is too fussy sometimes.

Also to discuss makeovers, and the inevitable questionable wardrobe choices for the live shows.

Week 1: Cheryl seriously overtanned, but wearing a nice dress. Dannii is wearing a white lace monstrosity and has joker lipstick on. Winner: Cheryl
Results: Dannii looks freaking amazing and Cheryl ... doesn't. Winner: Dannii
JadeFan said:
Dannii's asymetric fringe in week 5 is just BAFFLING! How could that possibly be a good look? Didn't Davina have one of those in the 90s, learn from the past, woman!

She also looks a state in week 6 with the crimped horse mane and the stuck-on Barbie boobs. Her Mrs. Whippy 'do let her down in week 9 as well. Other than those few faux pas I thought she looked really good last series. Cheryl was either too fussy or too safe.

JadeFan said:
Cheryl's... Discs.
WE WILL NOT FORGET. (How could we?!)





















Some of the makeovers are shocking. Matt, One Direction and Nicolo are the only ones that don't look worse afterwards. And who's idea was it to turn Storm into Sharon Osbourne??
Liam has been most screwed over. He has gone from phittt to "what's on his head, kill it with fire"
I think Dannii tends to look more naturally stylish and pretty whereas Cheryl tends to love too overdone.... but Cheryl looks nice sometimes too. Does anyone have the official judges pics for this year with that blue background?
What have they done to Belle Amie thsy looked really cute, young and modern at judges houses

now they look tarty and overdressed and way too old for their years. What teenage girls dress like that ??

they should keep it simple
I just looked through the pictures in that article JadeFan posted, and dear God, Cheryl really did wear some horrendous outfits last year. There was only about one I liked. Dannii's hair was awful in week 5 too, I don't remember it being like that.
Aiden's top in that makeover piture is disgusting. When will boys learn that plunging necklines should be left to slutty women.

I hate her with a passion but Waissel looks like "fierce" as Tyra would say.
Katie looks EXACTLY like this really, really irritating girl I used to go to school with. Especially after her makeover. (This isn't a good thing)

Cher reminds me of Tina from Corrie. (This IS a good thing)

Judge-wise, I tend to prefer what Cheryl wears out of her and Dannii but there are still a lot of Cheryl outfits that I don't like, at least on the live shows.