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Discussion in 'Charts, rates etc' started by Sprockrooster, Oct 28, 2019.

  1. Hurts in the top 10 is TASTE! Thanks for making me rediscover some joy in this festive season @Sprockrooster! It was fun!
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  2. I'm so elated Leona made the top 3!

    This is great, too! Kate is becoming the queen of creeping into random PJ charts, rates, & such.

    I just love the playlist this rate has produced. Will likely become a holiday season go-to, for me. Due to everyone's eclectic taste, it's a wonderful mix of all kinds of stuff: old & new. Such a great project @Sprockrooster ... and happy holidays to you!

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  3. Mariah sitting atop the list with over 200 points is Christmas done right! Thanks for running such a fun and special rate @Sprockrooster !!
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  4. [​IMG]
  5. Thank you @Sprockrooster for hosting and Merry Christmas, everybody!
  6. So glad Hurts and Dragonette did so well, but it just feels right for Mariah to win this. Thanks for hosting @Sprockrooster!
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  8. This is amazing, thank you so much @Sprockrooster! Happy PJ Christmas to y'all!
  9. Joyeux Noel from sunny Australia to you all! May you be blessed with a wonderful day. Sending lots of love to my pj family xxxx
  10. MERRY!
  11. Of course Mariah won this - very deserving!
    Surprised that Katy and Gwen didn't receive more points.

    Thank you so much for hosting this rate, @Sprockrooster!

    Merry Christmas!!! Notice the avatar change.
  12. Cool (yule) thread! Sorry I didn't have the time/energy to take part @Sprockrooster , but looks like I wouldn't have affected the leaderboard too much....
  13. Thank you all for participating in this!

    Merry Christmas everybody!!!

    Needing a daily fix? @londonrain will start his year reviews tomorrow!!!

    Also, I love how we ended on page 24. How full circle Advent.
  14. Thank you @Sprockrooster for such an amazing rate.

    I love Christmas music and my ears have been opened to some new classics. Thanks everyone who took part.
  15. The perfect top 3! Thanks for hosting @Sprockrooster - great rate!
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