X-Men ‘97

I guess Lifedeath will be done in the first 5 mins of the next episode then.
It looks like Lifedeath gets two episodes
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They easily could’ve got two episodes out of this plot to be fair.

The fast-paced, soap style storytelling is great fun but it is a shame that the Jean/Madelyn switcheroo was resolved by episode three.

I’m torn between wanting a longer season but worrying that more episodes would just lead to filler.
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This week was probably a bit too fast and a lot has happened in just three episodes. Two and Three in particular were loaded with so many status quo changes. I suspect next week will be the needed somewhat slower pace as Storm faces the Lifedeath story.
The pacing is so intense that the original Jean Gray escapes Mr. Sinister's lab, Madelyne discovers she is a clone, she gets possessed by Mr. Sinister, fights the X-men, discovers her baby is infected with a virus, abandons the baby and leaves the X-men all in a span of 20 minutes.
Loved this episode and another change in tone. Glad they had the two stories included so neither felt like they dragged. Jubilee getting a spotlight was great, as were the hints at how Genosha will be changing going forward… loved seeing Spiral too! And Berto did something!

Storm continues to slay. Did NOT expect to see
The adversary! And nice that they’re voiced by the same actress.
New ep was super fun- Jubilee getting some nice growth.
Yup, they could've went for an easy nostalgia trip (and I would've eaten it up anyway!), but I think the reason the show has been so well received is because, like the original, it has something to say. Absolutely loved seeing Jubilee making full use of her powers, and that Alyson Court cameo was amazing!

I was really looking forward to Lifedeath, and while they hit the important points, it did feel a tad rushed. At least it has a second part to hopefully flesh out the relationship a bit more.
It should’ve been two episodes; it didn’t work for me. Unfortunately they brought back my most hated character from the original series so I was never going to enjoy that part. Then the second part, as stated above, was rushed and unsatisfying.
Honestly each episode could stand to be 10 minutes longer and both plots in this episode could’ve justified being a full one.

Abscissa is probably the deepest cut yet and I loved them actually showing what Jubilee is capable of. Also did she sleep with Roberto?!

The Storm stuff was great but really fast paced.