X-Men ‘97

Another great slow paced episode. Very character focused on Rogue and obviously setting up plot points that'll lead up to the finale. I smiled when a certain character emerged with that witty quip. It came off a little corny but of course they would have said that!

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The way I screamed when Emma was pulled from the rubble.

The Roberto scenes hit waaay too close to home. The sociopolitical commentary is just so on point. "When we shove it in their face." Got damn.

I love that the women are not only heavily featured in X-men 97, but they are largely the main characters of the series with most of the men taking more of a supporting role (albeit they are still very strong supporting roles). Its very refreshing and shows just how great the female X-men characters are.
It's very true to the original series. The first three X-Men we saw there were Jubilee, Storm, and Rogue. It was very bold to have so many prominent female characters in what was ostensibly a "boy's" cartoon. I can't wait for the MCU X-Men to focus more on these amazing women that aren't bloody Mystique.
Another great episode. Really showed off the emotional connection the X-men have with one another. As always it sets up for the next episodes brilliantly and gives us plenty of easter eggs and cameos.

to be proven right about Bastion too.
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Sorry to double post but I can’t believe Bastion is voiced by Theo James? He’s so good!
Also is it just me or
does Bastion look like Magneto? They kept his face hidden right until the end when he is shaving him. Could it be a take on Joseph and we have another “clone” invading the team? And could it be that in the future Magneto is merged with Master Mould to become Bastion?
Certain aspects, yes. But right from the beginning, when she and Rogue are flying around the jet, the bit where they all run towards Magneto et al and more. It’s not just the individual shot I was talking about.
They replaced a shot in the intro of Gambit running with the X-Men to be Nightcrawler, so I don't think it's a big deal for them to do.

They replaced a shot in the intro of Gambit running with the X-Men to be Nightcrawler, so I don't think it's a big deal for them to do.

It really isn't! When you ship the materials for the opening to the overseas studio, you call layers on the shot (basically getting each character back on their own animation layer). Once you want to swap out someone, you send over a revised board sequence with the change and ask the overseas studio to animate the new character only. Once the animation comes back from the studio, drop them in/swap them out. Easy! Though I always feel bad for the overseas studio who has to do it.