X-Men ‘97

As well as the Storm solo we knew about it, they confirmed a Dazzler solo and a mutant joining the Avengers in the comics later this year.


EDIT: Storm is the one joining the Avengers.
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Talk about a finale. The amount of cameos and easter eggs they crammed in? Legendary.
Each member of the team showing the full extent of their powers and skills? Legendary.
I was not expecting it all to be so emotional either. So well written and acted by all.
Apocalypse ? Confirmation of Polaris as Magneto's daughter? Rachel Summers? Legendary.

A tad sad we won't seemingly be getting Onslaught, but maybe it was a fake out.

Season 2 can't come soon enough.
Just finished the finale. Even though it’s a “finale” it’s more of a setup for future storylines for season 2. Even though I’m excited to see these story told by this team I have to temper myself because most likely they’ll be wrapped up in 2-3 episodes.

Regardless another great episode. The fight scenes are some of the best fight choreography I’ve seen in American animation.
Does anyone else feel a bit...relieved that this is over? I mean the show was superb on every level but it was so emotionally draining that I need a rest now.
So where are Jubilee, Sunspot, Wolverine and most importantly, Storm??
First two on Earth somewhere. As for Wolvie, Storm and Morph, it remains to be seen. I imagine in a different part of the past with the rest of the team. I feel like it was just Cyclops and Jean who were taken to the future.
They were on earth before the rest were taken through time.

No idea where Storm, Morph and Wolverine are
Oh yes of course, silly me.

I wondered if Storm and Wolverine had ended up in that future timeline where they were in love from the original series.
Phoenix showing up for 25 seconds was a lame deus ex machina.

Bastion turning on humans was lazy. The resolution of the Prime Sentinels plot was rushed and unsatisfying.

The pacing in this show continues to be an absolute disaster.