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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 26, 2013.

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    At least I hope the (Fo)X-franchise will end on some highnotes with Deadpool 2, New Mutants, Dark Phoenix and maybe also Gambit.
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    "There may be"... Please, as if the first one didn't print money.
  4. I’d be here for a hard reboot.
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  5. I'd be here for a hard reboot of every Marvel property, but not just the X-Men.
  6. Let the culling begin! I think all the side X-properties (Deadpool, New Mutants) should stay as is (and will stay as is). X-Men will be rebooted.
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  7. I think Wanda will play a big part in having the X-Men join the MCU.
    They’ll have to retcon a bit, to make Magneto her father and probably bring QuickSilver back to life. As far as I know, she’s quite capable of this. I could see it happening at the end of this phase. Even just a post credits scene in the second Infinity Wars Film, with her creating mutants? Or maybe even doing it but even realising she’s done it.
    The Fantastic Four shouldn’t be too hard to bring into it.
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  8. Good article in the Hollywood Reporter about X-Men properties and Fantastic Four joining the MCU. In general Marvel had 22 movies slated for phase 4 of the MCU. With the new properties it’ll be next to impossible to release all those films as planned. So some stuff could be shuttled to Disney’s new streaming service or not be made at all. I’m optimistic about the a New Mutants sequel but a supposed X-23 movie and Gambit could be axed.

    @irishlamb is right on Wanda playing a part in joining the two universes together but I think Deadpool will play an even larger part.
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  9. Holy cow, The Gifted got really interesting by episode 8.
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  10. I'd be happy with a hard reboot.

    I'm not a fan of this new cast playing Storm, Jean Grey etc. They are too young.
  11. Apart from Logan and Deadpool, FOX has exasperated all life out of these pictures. There is no denying that FOX will be credited for modernizing the superhero adaptation in cinema with a super-resilient Hugh Jackman in tow. However aside from X2, those damn leather suits were not worth losing the essence of Marvel’s merry band of mutants. I am glad that both the X-Men and Fantastic Four can now come home and share mutual space with Steve, Tony, Wanda, T’Challa, and the rest of the MCU. If Kevin Feige were smart, he would administer HARD reboots and introduce these characters in their definitive personas (i.e. Spider-Man Homecoming). Penning in the mutant gene and the discrimination that follows will not be a hard concept to sell at all. Lest not forget that characters like the Avengers, Spider-Man, and the Fantastic Four were established before the X-Men made their debut in 1963.

    Cyclops deserves to be the leading man and lead his team for once. Storm deserves to revel in her blackness (go melanin or go home Disney!) and be anything but subpar. Jean deserves to be the Phoenix in all of her cosmic glory. Magneto, along with Doctor Doom and Galactus, can emerge as an apt foe for the entire MCU. Wolverine should procure the chance to explore his characterization without hogging the spotlight from his iconic teammates. The X-Men can, at last, be the Children of the Atom on the big screen.

    I am eager to see the unveiling of the MCU Phase 4 plans as I have assumed Feige and company were anticipating for the ink to dry and to bring these IPs back home to Marvel. 2020 will be a year of reunification for Marvel and MCU enthusiasts alike.
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  12. Hear! Hear! I’m glad there are more voices wanting a hard reboot. If the movies can’t be as good as the animated series then something drastic needs to be done. Justice League suffered the same thing, it just didn’t work. Here’s hoping for they get casting right and tell some compelling stories which the X-Men are known for. Also I hope it becomes more female driven. The men pale in comparison to the more complex (and sometimes convoluted) female characters.
  13. A reboot would be ideal. There is no reason not to mix mutants in with the rest of the marvel heroes when they crossover so often in the comics. It would only make things more interesting. And yeah, the x-men films have abused their characters. Films that only focus on a couple of different characters and their personal struggles/challenges every time, with the rest serving as supporting cast would be great. However, let's not pretend that there is any more quality control in the mcu movies, it's just that they have different issues... We do not necessarily win or lose anything as an audience here in any case.
  14. What I appreciate most about MCU is that Marvel have had faith in several side characters, and it's paid off. Ant-Man getting his own movie! The X-Men movies have been about Wolverine, and to some degree Xavier vs. Magneto. Even when they introduced Dark Phoenix they made it about Wolverine.

    Sure, Iron Man has taken some sort of lead, but they haven't been afraid to invest in other characters.

    What I want to say is that maybe now we can finally get to see Jubilee using her powers.
  15. For me personally the X-Men franchise has had the highest highs and the lowest lows of the big three cinematic franchises.

    I'd be slightly disappointed with Dofp, X2 and Logan being rebooted but if it gets rid of Wolverine Origins, X3 and January Jones's Emma Frost, I'll live.

    And yes, a fun that moves away from Logan/Xavier/Magneto as the central focus would be a welcome change of pace.
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  16. I want a hard reboot with the first being Sentinels, a grown up X-Men with Jubilee as the young new addition.

    So basically a film version of the first episode of the 90’s cartoon.
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  17. It's interesting that people consider the current Spider-Man to be the most faithful version on screen when the character in the comics is, you know, funny and likeable... I guess it's just because it has the involvement of Marvel Studios, eh.

    I'll be honest I don't have faith in an MCU version of the X-Men being any better than what we've already had. They'd certainly do things differently, but they could very well go too much the other way and make them overly earnest and quip-heavy.

    Since the comics were relaunched about 18 months ago the nuanced analogies between Mutant/human relations and real world issues like racism and homophobia have been tossed aside in favour of stories told in very broad strokes. A Trump analogue is announced as such constantly, I have noticed. There's no need for them to do that.
    The X-Men need nuance. My greatest hope is that any future movies going forward are a co-production between what has up until now been the Fox team, and Marvel Studios. Somewhere in between the two ideologies of the XCU and the MCU lies the sweet spot.
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  18. If they are going to do a hard reboot, I'd like to see them start small scale, with a focus on developing the characters first and foremost and a plot that centres on fleshing out the dynamics of team, their friendships, their struggles, their differences etc. Plant the seeds for bigger things later on but keep the story tight, with a primary antagonist that is more of a threat to the team itself, rather than any sort of world domination/global catastrophe. Someone like Mimic, maybe, as a sort of good guy gone bad scenario, similar to the comic.

    Introduce Mr Sinister/ Nathanial Essex as a colleague of Xavier/ a mentor to Scott, potentially pulling the strings behind the main villain, but not the big bad until later down the line. No Magneto, no Wolverine, at least not until later. I'd rather see Wolverine start with his own film to deal everything before they integrate him into the team, like with the Avengers films. Maybe Magneto could serve in a similar capacity to how we saw him at the beginning of X2 -- in prison, though for reasons yet unknown, offering wisdom and warning to an overzealous Charles, nothing more until an inevitable breakout later down the line.
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  19. Of course they’d start small.

    The story would be that the sentinels are created accidentally by Iron Man and Master Mould decides the best way to deal with mutants is to destroy the whole planet.
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  20. The thing is though...the Sentinels aren't compelling villains - they're a compelling situation. Making them the sole villains would be a hard ask in not making it dull. We don't need more 'endless cgi drones' situations in superhero movies. One thing DOFP did well was make the Sentinels scary - and their literal presence relatively small. I don't trust Marvel not to just repeat the Age of Ultron ending with Sentinels.
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