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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. No to a Wolverine movie! I’m fine with him being part of the any new films, but they need to bring other characters to the forefront.

    They need to show Rogue’s relationship with Ms. Marvel, the relationship Storm had with Wakanda and Black Panther. Magneto with Wanda and Quicksilver. Deadpool and Spider-Man etc. etc. etc.
    Cyclops needs to be leader, under Xavier.
    I don’t mind Phoenix being brought into it, but not until a good bit down the line. Also I think the characters should be late twenties atleast, and actually look it.
  2. Those first two movies are already gone thanks to DOFP though.
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  3. I guess you're right but if we view the series through Logan's journey they still happened in his personal continuity...

    Typing that sentence just confirmed it in my head that a hard reboot is needed. But I'm not sure if Marvel will pass on the potential of Hugh Jackman showing up in the Avengers.

  4. Before delving into that, get Storm as a character right! None of the movies have barely touched on Storm's own African background, her tribe, family of priestesses and sorceress'. She potentially could have the longest history of mutant lineage, yet that never has been explored. Her background is just as much interesting as Wolverine, Black Panther, Professor etc. I just hate that the female characters in the movies are relegated to background characters while their stories are so much richer than their male counterparts.
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  5. Give me a Storm movie featuring Beyoncé.
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  6. [​IMG]
  7. I reckon they'll start with the X-Men making appearances in other films before joining up for their own movie. Storm in Black Panther etc.
  8. Isn’t it too late for that now though? It would be cool, if the post credit scene to Black Panther involved Storm in some way.
  9. Maybe they’ll introduced mutants into the world and Storm will be the villain of Black Panther 2.
  10. Would be interesting! I could see her being manipulated into doing something bad by someone else, realising what she’s done and helping to stop whoever was manipulating her. Then maybe the post credit scene could be Xavier asking her to join the X-men.
  11. Black Panther vs Storm and The Shadow King.
  12. Considering all Marvel screen heroes right now essentially have the same, utterly nondescript, generic set of powers (jumping/combat/strength/throwing shit), I have a really hard time imagining Marvel doing the X-Men justice with their very unique skillsets. I imagine they will all just be given high tech suits so they, too, can jump and throw shit and do combat. Yawn.
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  13. I ordered an X-Men hoodie months ago (based on Kitty Pryde's uniform) and it's finally on the way.

    Now where to get a purple dragon...
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  14. Apparently Tim Miller is developing a Kitty Pryde solo film! I wonder how this will pan out with the Disney merger though?
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  15. They really need to get a proper XMen film right before they go at solo films. I’m all for having certain characters have their own films but if they are indeed gonna reboot, there needs to be atleast one proper X-men film first, two preferably.
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  16. I'm now sad that Danai Gurira is already is Black Panther. She would've made an incredible Storm.
  17. Yes, I'd be happy for all X-Men films not currently in production to be stopped so Disney can sort their plans.
  18. Of course Fox is ignoring that Marvel Studios would want to reboot once Disney acquired them. Yet, they keep developing these films. Like seriously, their films don't follow a single continuity anymore. If they are, its a jumble mess. They have 12 to 18 months left. While Gambit, X-Force, X-23 and Deadpool 3 are also in development. They are all over the place, and isn't simply good for the X-Men in the long run.
  19. It's what she deserves after her role in Days of Future Past was given to Wolverine, but... I don't really see it setting the box office on fire. She's the kind of character who definitely could work in a Netflix series though, or as a new addition to Guardians of the Galaxy.
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  20. Well, brace yourselves: New Mutants has been delayed to February 22, 2019, probably to make up for the fact that Fox will not have a superhero film in that year since Gore Verbinsky has left Gambit and the premiere of the movie (if it happens at all) is delayed until June 2019. Deadpool 2 now premieres two weeks earlier, between Infinity Wars and Solo.https://www.hollywoodreporter.com/h...bit-new-mutants-get-new-release-dates-1073560

    Some voices say that Tatum is actually boycotting the project of Gambit so he can get out.
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