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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. What a mess.
  2. Anyone know what the next Sophie Turner film will be?

    That's all I'm interested in at this point.
  3. Dark Phoenix, which is out this year, I think. They’ll probably reboot after this, with a bit of luck.
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  4. Hopefully a vast improvement over Last Stand.
  5. Any movie about the Dark Phoenix that does not at least hint at the existence of the Phoenix Force is a poor film adaptation. Let's see how this one goes!

    I never liked Tatum for the part of Gambit, so I am not all that sad about that.
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  6. What a shame, it's a long delay for 'New Mutants'. I hope they won't mess it up in the meantime and make something generic out of it, instead of the superhero horror hybrid we were promised.

    Let's hope Deadpool 2 and Dark Phoenix stick right where they are. Deadpool 2 will make money for sure and I think Dark Phoenix will benefit form its November release date.
  7. Dark Phoenix would probably do worse than Apocalypse. Look who they hired to direct. Reboot it soon, Disney!
  8. Tatum has been cast literally so we can get shots of his abs and buttocks.
  9. This! I’ll be surprised if it’s not a shitshow. So sad that New Mutants is being held hostage to this Disney/Fox reshuffling. 10 months is a long time so i hope it can be benefitted with some minor reshoots or extra CG work. The Gambit movie is being laid to pasture. No way is that getting made in its current state.

    In the meanwhile I just finished watching the season finale of The Gifted. What a pleasant surprise with some stellar episodes. X-Men stories really lends itself to an episodic format, so I hope we see more. Fox finally getting something right with the X-franchise.
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  10. I thought Gifted was generally hideously scripted and acted outside the last few episodes, even if these last few were particularly great on their own.
  11. I need to catch the last few episodes of The Gifted but thought they did a great job of showing a world dealing with the effects of a growing Mutant population.
  12. New Deadpool poster.

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  13. May this year? Whoa. Why did I think it was like...2019 at the earliest?
  14. Kitty Pryde movie in the works:

    Deadpool director Tim Miller and Brian Michael Bendis, one of the biggest authors in the comic book world, are teaming for an X-Men spinoff.

    The duo are developing a project called 143, which will be set in the X-Men universe, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed. Bendis, who wrote various X-Men comics during his almost 20 years at Marvel, will write the script, while Miller will direct.

    143 is a code name for the project which sources say will focus on the character Kitty Pryde, a mutant who can phase through objects. The character was played by Ellen Page in 2006's X-Men: The Last Stand and 2014's X-Men: Days of Future Past.

    The project's code name is a reference to Uncanny X-Men No. 143, one of the earliest Pryde stories and her first solo adventure in which she faces a demon alone in the X-Mansion. The issue, by her creators Chris Claremont and John Byrne, was published in 1981.
  15. Well, that was unexpected. I hope they bring back Ellen Page.
  16. What they SHOULD be doing is adapting Joss Whedon's seminal and cinematic-as-is Astonishing X-Men run into a movie. Kitty is the gateway/narrator of sorts for a good chunk of it and it would easily, if done right, be the best X-Men movie produced yet.

    Small team that are written brilliantly and distinctly and compelling villains and stakes.
  17. I have to say I've enjoyed the recent Phoenix Resurrection storyline in the comics. The build-up with young Jean Grey communicating with older (dead) Jean is something I'd love to see on screen.
  18. I doubt it would even get made if the Disney deal gets approved, next year.
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  19. The Dark Phoenix cast are looking reminiscent of Grant Morrison's New X-Men run from 2001 here.
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