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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Sorry but not using the iconic theme song is a crime.
  2. I just discovered Marvel Anime: X-Men—either it was just added to Netflix or I'd just never noticed that it was on Netflix—but it was great. I wasn't expecting it to hit me in the feels like it did. I'd love if Disney+ would continue this type of series.

    I'm now watching Marvel Anime: Wolverine.
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  3. Those have been in my 'to watch' list forever and I had no idea they were on Netflix before or I'd have already watched them! Thanks for sharing!
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  4. I was at the Disney Store the other day and I they had lots of Funko Pop figures of the original movie trilogy...it felt a bit sad considering how Disney blocked the release of any merchandise of the movies for years just to sabotage them.
  5. Really? I thought it was the feud between Marvel and Fox? Most of the movie merchandise were crap before Disney came in. Now I have these beauties...
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  6. Exactly, Fox never had the rights to make merchandise based on the movies, it was Marvel/Disney all along.
  7. In the comics, the X-Men are having their own MET Gala (Except it's the Hellfire Gala) and like...

    I'm mad that these aren't Jean and Rogue's outfits all the time.
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  8. Ok how you gonna post Jean and Rogue but not the Icon that is Storm!?

  9. Rogue truly has some of the ugliest outfits of any hero ever.
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  10. True but I honestly don't feel it's THAT different from what she normally wears. And in my opinion, Rogue needs an updated outfit and Jean looks way better in that than her classic look she's been wearing. Storm always looks good in everything. Her hair is magnificent in that though and I giggled at the idea of using a storm cloud as a cape.
  11. Russell Dauterman is a genius, and his designs for the Hellfire Gala are incredible. Monet, Warren and of course Emma's multiple lewks are my favourites.
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  12. I feel like her somewhat gauche outfits/looks sorta plays into her character a bit, maybe?
  13. BTG


    An event storyline about the X-Men wearing high fashion to a gala? Iconic. I’m just a [redacted]
  14. This! Her looks always play into her insecurities being close to people.

    I’ve always loved Rachel’s original look. But her gala outfit enhances it so much more.
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  15. rdp


    Yas. I think I've never been more excited about the X-Men than with the current status quo in the comics. Like, just look at this cover
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  16. I'm using this reading order to catch up a bit on the current X comics. I'm so behind. The pandemic and not being able to go to my local shop has really set me back months in the comics. But i'm making the effort to catch back up.
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  17. I now ship Daken and Polaris.
  18. I think what's been so fun with the huge shake up two years ago is how much rich lore and entirely new world-building happens each issue, since writers have such a huge new playground (Krakoa) to run with. That just wasn't possible beforehand to the same extent. Also obsessed with the data pages in each issue.
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  19. I’m gagging! The X-Men walking the red carpet. Dauterman is doing a collection of 12 covers. I might have to get these and frame them. They are gorgeous!!

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  20. Storm wearing a cloud as a cape... the drama, the nerve, she will always be the moment.
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