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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Thanks for this. The current run looks so intriguing that I’m going to skip the 4 years of stuff that I’ve missed and just focus on these.
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  2. I mean, it's a good plan. This is basically designed to be a good jumping on point. I also recommend Comics Explained on youtube. When I was reading House of X Powers of X I watched his videos - he did one pretty much for every issue - to talk about the issue and gave a lot of backstory to the characters that was really helpful for me. Plus comics are a little confusing so he just also explained what the hell was going on. HoX/PoX jump around in time a lot so it can get a bit wild.
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  3. Yes! I found his videos helpful during Wandavision. It's where I got the lowdown on Agatha, Wanda and Vision.
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  4. Finally watched Dark Phoenix and I actually quite enjoyed the first third. Jlaw extending her contract just to ensure they killed off Mystique was iconic.
  5. It would have been a perfectly fun and solid film for me if it ended with Phoenix using her powers over Mystique's grave. There wasn't anything that was terribly off putting for me about the film, especially after how aggressively bad Apocalypse was.
  6. I’m a Little Munnster so I wish we would see her version of Psylocke again :(
  7. I'd be interested to see the MCU explore Betsy's transition into Psylocke.
  8. Ninja Psylocke? I don’t think they’d touch it.
  9. Shame.
    If she does come to the MCU and remains Betsy, I think I'd love to see her played by Eva Green; beautiful, dry wit, and a bit gritty.
    I think Eva would lend herself beautifully to the role.
  10. BTG


    Yes. Not in a million years. The optics of a white woman taking over the body of a Japanese woman and suddenly becoming a ninja, I-

    Especially now that the comics have placed both of them back in their original bodies anyway, so I doubt the movies will ever go there. The most likely scenario is maybe casting a British Asian woman as Betsy in the first place?

    And that’s sincerely Jubilee.

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  11. I'm still so pressed at how much they pushed Jubilee forward, only to put her in the background for the movies.
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  12. I love Eva Green but wrong casting in my opinion. Eva should play Seline (Black Queen) , Callisto, Madeline Prior (Goblin Queen) or even Mistique.

    A British Psylocke should be played by an ingenue type but tough underneath. Saoirse Ronan and Natalie Dorman come to mind.
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  13. Oooh I'm fully on board with her as Selene, she's got an ageless beauty that would compliment Selene's backstory of being the oldest known human mutant, and I thought she was marvellous as Artemisia in the 300 sequel, so she's absolutely capable of villainy.
  14. Natalie Dorman would be amazing as Betsy
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  15. That hasn't been a fitting way to describe Betsy for...30 years. Even before her body switch she had grown out of that trope. Natalie is a good choice though.
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  16. I imagine X-adaptations will ignore Psylocke’s history entirely. They’ve finally returned Betsy and Kwannon to their correct bodies and given both agency but outside of comics she’s fairly complex to explain. The writer who wrote most of the body swap story admitted he missed an issue so his own story contradicted what came before. Betsy and Kwannon were a hot mess for a long time!

    Anyway, read Hellions with Kwannon in it and ignore Excalibur (even though I love Betsy as Captain Britain in principle).
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  17. Definitely in appearance than anything else.

    Storywise it would be great to start as an "unassuming" privileged lady with telepathic powers who grows into the fierce pyschic/telekinetic warrior she is. There is a reason why her power motifs are butterflies.
  18. I think Natalie Dormer would be a great Psylocke, but an even better Emma Frost.
  19. Natalie for a young Emma, or Rosamund Pike for older Emma.
  20. BTG


    Natalie as Mystique and retcon her small role in Captain America into Mystique as well.
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