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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Totally forgot she was in that movie. It’s pretty unanimous that she should have a prominent role in an X-Men film.
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  2. She's very much the fan favourite to take up the White Queen mantle.
  3. Rosamund Pike as Emma Frost .... I would like to see it.
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  4. I’ve gagged and gone to heaven! Russell Dauterman’s interpretation of the characters is just spot on.

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  5. The gays keep winning with his X-Women covers. We need them as posters Russell!

  6. BTG


    I’m such a 90s stan but the way I rolled my eyes at the latest incarnation of the team revealed with Rogue still in her animated series outfit. Ditto Jean’s Marvel Girl get-up, especially after the high camp of their gala outfits.

    At least the team includes the absolute diva Sunfire. My king.
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  7. I’ve been Stockholm Syndrome’d into accepting Jean in that outfit again, even if we all thought there must be some big reason and I’m pretty sure it’s just that Hickman wanted her in it. Interesting that the characters now wear whatever costumes they feel like though - Jean’s worn about 4 different ones (old and new) in the actual stories, and Storm was in her 90s one in the latest issue of Children of the Atom. I get that the creators are trying to say they’re no longer defined by any one costume or whatever but it actually can just feel a bit jarring!
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  8. The amount of 100% essential incarnations (even when excluding the race swaping...). Talent!
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  9. There was an alternate cover for one of the House of X Powers of X books from a different artist that had multiple Storms flying down from the storm clouds in several of her looks over the years. Iconic. The X-Men really do have a somewhat unique luxury of changing costumes over the years that not many other comic book characters do. Like, The Avengers, The Justice League, the Fantastic Four, they've all looked the same pretty much throughout. Spiderman gets some new looks, Ironman gets some new suits sometimes but the X-Men really have a rich back catalog of fashion.
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    X-Men 2 was released 18 years ago this week!

    Some of it has aged poorly but I’ll never forget the excitement of seeing that Phoenix symbol in the lake at the end. I believe in Famke supremacy.
  11. I’m still bummed we never got the original third film to X2. Seeing Famke reduced to a mute character for the entirety of The Last Stand was so disappointing. The original third film was supposed to have Sigourney Weaver as Emma Frost... Bryan Singer is awful though.
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  12. Rewatching these old films will leave such a bad taste now. X-Men legacy (on film) destroyed twice over by FoX and now Singer.
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  13. The Nightcrawler opening scene remains one of the most incredible, exciting and thrilling scenes in any superhero movie.
  14. Jean scarifying ha self had 10 year old me weeping in the cinema.

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  15. X2 is still the best X-men movie, although DOFP and First Class are close.
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    This terrible wig though.
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  17. It’s the best she’s looked other than Days Of Future Past.
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    Not you ignoring Storm’s trendsetting Courteney Cox bangs in the fresh movie.
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  19. I loved the original X-films. But now that we have the MCU and such superior superhero films have come out since -- I see how much better those films could have been and how good the new ones are sure to be once Feige gets around to including Mutants.
  20. Even though I obviously knew it was coming, I literally STOOD UP AND SCREAMED in the theater when it did.

    And then X3 went to shit.
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