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Discussion in 'TV + Film' started by duckface, Jan 26, 2013.

  1. Ah yes, I forgot about this. He got promoted from being just the creative chief over the movies to creative chief over the TV series and comics as well. That was late 2019. I don't really keep up with Marvel comics as a whole or listen to endless Feige interviews though to really know what his current plans or mission is with creatively overseeing the comics.
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  2. That could go any way though - when X-Men returns to the big screen, Feige could just as easily want the comics reset to the familiar Westchester school setting. Personally, I'd love the Krakoa setting to be what the franchise and movies drives with but I'm aware its very different to the normal status quo people associate with the X-Men.

    I don't see why they couldn't let the comics and films do different settings. Comics these days sell so little and they are such a small, irrelevant commercial force outside of IP generation for movie stories.
  3. BTG


    Marvel tried synergy between the comics and movies during the early days of the MCU and quickly gave up on it when it didn’t bring any new readers to the books, so I don’t think we need to worry about Krakoa ending early.

    A few of the writers have said as much on Twitter that there’s never been any pressure to synchronise with the MCU these days.
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  4. Makes total sense to me given the stakes - even a mid selling X-Men title (physical) would only sell around 20 - 25k on the Diamond chart. I can't see the film division having any overt interest in synergy when comics just bring in so damn little. Like, do they even care?

    Hell, they're more interested in toys and lunch boxes. Product that make real money. Time and again, the comics have never benefited from the movies in terms of notable sales increases.

    If Krakoa ends, it'll likely be off the back of what the next writer wants to do. If they simply don't want to work within the confines of the Hickman setting and have enough of a big name pull to get what they want, they'll change it up or abandon it. This likely won't be an issue for a while at least.

    Hickman has a habit for relatively long runs.
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    Yes, and Hickman has also said that he likes to put the toys back in the box when he finishes a run, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see an end to Krakoa, in part, and a deliberate move towards the status quo to set up for his successor.

    That said, I can’t see Krakoa going away entirely again but some elements (the truce between the X-Men and nearly all of their rogues’ gallery and mass resurrection) are all unsustainable long term and I think they know that.
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  6. It almost feels inevitable that Krakoa will fall as the questionable nature of the new mutant society has really been there since the start of House of X (and dragged quite hard by fans that don't like the cult like direction the X-Men are now portrayed with). It Raven doesn't ruin it, someone else will.

    There's a strong sense of how it could all go wrong and corruption.

    It'll make the whole run even better if it does end in ruin. Like how the Grant Morrison had a wonderful start and end to his whole saga. I will really miss Krakoa though, the core books haven't been this interesting since 2006 when Mike Carey took on X-Men.
  7. What are peoples thoughts on the animated series? I don’t really like comics, but enjoyed the films so I wanted to start it.
    I do remember watching it a little when I was a kid. Is it worth a watch now?
  8. I loved the 90's series back in the day. I've tried to watch them again recently and I find they can be a lot. I wish more episodes were single story and not arcs but it's like the comics which is fine. I truly loved Storm and Rogue in it though. I did love Evolution quite a bit and rewatched it recently and it held up pretty well. I could not make it through Wolverine and the X-Men though. It was a weird take and it felt off to me.
  9. Soooo...anyone read Planet-Sized X-Men today? I may have been out of the loop but I was not expecting this development at all (“oh, at all!”)!! Just when I thought they couldn’t raise the stakes of mutantdom...that happens.

    While I’m sure we’ll get a moralistic fall from grace by the end of the Hickman era, there is some SERIOUS (though admittedly shallow) wish fulfillment fantasy going on for me as I see these persecuted outcasts basically telling the entire MCU, “fuck all the way off. Don’t like it? Here, fuck off some more.”
  10. From a nostalgia standpoint, I love it. The animation doesn't really hold up, but the theme song is still a classic. Annoyingly, the episodes were uploaded onto Disney+ in release order rather than script order, which is frustrating because Season 3 onwards is a bit of a mess.

    That being said, X-Men: The Animated Series does offer the best adaptation of The Dark Phoenix Saga.
    I actually preferred the multi-episode arcs over the standalone episodes.
  11. X-men: The Animated Series is the greatest cartoon ever made and one of the best all round TV shows ever made.

  12. BTG


    So good! The display of the Omega level mutants’ powers was incredible and terraforming Mars into a mutant planet felt like a real shake up to the status quo even though it’s clearly just a way to get rid of the Arakki mutants until they’re needed again dddd.

    I’m fully expecting everything to go badly wrong and I hope Mystique is responsible for it. It’s what they deserve for refusing to bring Destiny back.
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  13. Have any of you ever watched the X-Men anime? It was very interesting to see actually.
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  14. I really enjoyed the X-Men anime and the Wolverine anime, although it was odd that each series had a completely different Wolverine design. I wouldn't mind if they rebooted that, tbh. Give us some more X-Men anime featuring arcs that wouldn't work in a live action adaptation.
  15. They are setting up the Scarlet Witch as the new Phoenix aren’t they…
  16. BTG


    I think they’re going to find some way to resurrect her through Krakoa and make her a mutant again?
  17. I don’t know. Echo is currently the holder of the Phoenix Force. I figure they are doing this so they can bring her back and make her a mutant again… though will they do the same with Quicksilver?
  18. Honestly killing Wanda and bringing her back with a sense of clarity and direction could be the best thing for her character.

    She's been used woefully ever since the conclusion of House of M and considering her prominence in the MCU she deserves better than being a supporting character in Strange Academy.
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  19. Yes I imagine it's a way of reconciling what an odd path she's been on since House of M (and latterly AXIS). Nothing to do with the Phoenix (who is currently, as mentioned, nothing to do with the X-Men, for better or for worse).
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  20. Oof I need to catch up on the comics so badly.
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