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Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Former member 330, Sep 3, 2009.

  1. What was on that sampler?
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  2. You could download it from her website when it was working, that's why I asked... Maybe someone downloaded the free sampler...
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  4. Are you talking about the album sampler that was a bunch of snippets of the album mixed into one track? I used to have it but it looks like I replaced the file with the full version of "Standing Up For The Lonely" when it leaked/got released?
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  5. Standing Up For The Lonely was screaming to be a single. I'm pretty sure it would have been such a big hit and they majorly missed the mark by sleeping on it. I believe Jessie was still signed to Xenomania at the time? They definitely messed her around, putting her on tour with The Saturdays and not getting her a single out there.
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  6. Serious question: Does Brian make a full time living off producing music currently? No idea of what the economics are behind this kind of thing but Xenomania's output has slowed to a trickle so it can't be much, right?
  7. I imagine he still receives a healthy cheque in the post each year for Believe
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  8. Poor Jessie. I'm not surprised. Keisha apparently tore strips off Brian when MKS went to his studio. I suspect Franz Ferdinand didn't deal well with him trying to change their lyrics.
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  9. Brian never needs to work again after Believe (and all the other bits he's written, which probably still get him coin). Xenomania is probably just a hobby for him at this point.
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  10. He downsized the big mansion for a 2 bed flat I think in Brighton I think. I can’t see that anything he’s done in the last 5 years has made him any money. I’m not sure how much the royalties would give him.
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  11. I guess that's the sampler I thought there was... I would love to listen all the songs she recorded with Xenomania, I really like Standing Up For The Lonely.

  12. Wasn’t there an interview where she says that she was in to write for Out of Control but ended up keeping the tracks for herself? I’m very curious as to which songs those were, whether they were any we’ve heard or not. Also want to know if Girls Aloud recorded them.
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  13. A few of them are already out there. This is everything that has leaked from 2007-2009 (not all of it is Xenomania):

    From the top of my head, the other Xenomania tracks are Who's That Man (sounds a lot like Mini Viva's 'I Wish'), Crash Bang Baby and Jungle Town.

    Eyes Closed was going to be her single and they'd shot a video but they canned it for being too 'raunchy'.
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  14. THANK YOU! There's no dowload link, but it's fine.
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