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XO Popjustice Has The Deck: The Mass Effect Character Rate (Results - Finale)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DJHazey, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Fuck ya'll.

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  2. What the hell? I thought Miranda would easily crack the top 10. I'm shocked.
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  3. @DJHazey You didn't give Aria your eleven? I'm shocked.
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  4. I purposely picked her as an avatar to throw everyone off. Needless to say, she was a candidate.
  5. I can't at the human discrimination in this rate. In what universe does Miranda only deserve a 6.778 average?
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  6. Even with nine voters, having half of them give her a 4 or below shows that she apparently has a very divisive following.
  7. I was actually torn between Liara and Miranda for the Mass Effect rep in the videogame girls rate. Now I'm not sure if maybe I should go with someone else. Though it's hard to disagree that they're the 2 biggest females in the series.
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  8. ffffff BYE. I hated Miranda so much I ignored all my perfectionist tendencies to opt out of doing her side mission in ME3. You want me to abuse my Alliance connections for you when you literally work(ed) for the enemy and have proven yourself entirely selfish, untrustworthy and just plain rude throughout our time together? Nah sis.
  9. Well... maybe you would have liked her more if you'd actually done her loyalty mission.
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  10. Tali?

    I might have given Miranda a higher score if her response to me asking about the loyalty quest was something other than her shoving her bum into the camera for a few minutes.

    Hang on, is Samara still in? She can go next.
  11. (I actually think I must have reloaded after refusing and did the mission anyway 'cause I don't remember her dying. If I did, I don't remember that either!)
  12. No she can't.
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  13. EDI then? Who's your lowest score left?
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  14. Let's make a push for the Top 20 today and let's start by trimming the ME3 characters down to one, shall we?


    Back at you babe, but you're not going anywhere because I just lost my 11 and something was bound to go right for me..


    #23. Eve (Mass Effect 3) - 6.833

    Highest: 10 (@soratami)

    Lowest: 4 (@GhettoPrincess)

    My Score: 5

    Voice Actor: Lani Minella

    Sigh, it's beyond me how Eve managed to beat Miranda considering most of the scores were in the 6-8 range, so it's not like anybody is really going to bat for her. Yes, it was cool to hear all about how female krogan were held in such high regard, with the genophage and all. Then to actually save one from salarian control and interact with her...yeah it was indeed interesting. Yet I don't remember any of that interaction right now, which means her impact wasn't all that astounding; certainly not to deserve this kind of placement.

    @soratami (10) - Female Krogan remain iconic.

    @Blank (8) - Eve is pure awesome. Tough, intelligent with a philosophical streak. One of the best NPCs in the series.

    @Number (7) - A mark of hope and inspiration, a good foil to the average krogan. I liked her.

    @kalonite (6.5) - I love her little headdress. I wish they'd done more with Krogan clothing. Everyone just wearing the same armour is just lazy.

    @Empty Shoebox (6) - Rolling my eyes at her intro with this CONVENIENT GROUP OF CERBERUS TROOPS THAT NOBODY HAS SEEN AND OH NO THEY ARE GOING TO KILL OUR HEROES. When you talk to her on the ship, she's a lot better, and on the ground where she's the only person that can actually get anything done.


    @soratami +5 (66)
    @kalonite +1 (20)
    @Blank +5 (1)


    @Empty Shoebox -3 (123)
    @NecessaryVoodoo +0 (31)
    @Number -2 (28)
    @GhettoPrincess +3 (4)
    @DJHazey +5 (3)
    @Animalia +0 (2)​
  15. I think it's Samantha. What is she still doing here...
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  16. Aaand the wrong eliminations continue.
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  17. Hopefully cruising into the Top 20, two more eliminations to go.
  18. Draining all the ship's power reserves by taking showers, probably.
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  19. My Fem Shep and Samantha liked taking long showers together. We were trying to save the galaxy, we deserve it.
  20. Another character that should've been long gone if you ask me. Let's keep cutting those krogan out..


    #22. Grunt (Mass Effect 2 and 3) - 6.889

    Highest: 10 x 2 (@NecessaryVoodoo, @soratami)

    Lowest: 4 (@Number)

    My Score: 5

    All I remember about Grunt is how you save him from the tank and help him get into Wrex's clan and well that's about it. Apparently there was an emotional moment in Mass Effect 3 where he dies, but I honestly don't remember doing the mission or any of its impact.

    @kalonite (7.5) - I like him, and he's not just Wrex v2.0, but I do think they didn't make him different *enough*. I think it's partly a problem of the Krogan design not being particularly suited to variation, and the voice effect making everyone sound the same, but they could have done more.

    (Agreed. I just remember him always saying he had a craving for violence.)

    @Blank (7) - How can you not love this dumb, hormone fueled, teenage dinosaur? Grunt is awesome.

    (I think characters like Wrex and Drack are more fully realized and someone like Grunt is just that...a Grunt. Granted, I can't blame him since he's essentially a test tube baby just seeing the world around him for the first time, but it didn't help me have a connection with him.)

    @Empty Shoebox (6) - Seemed really easy to win over. I know this is a game and we don't have all day, but I still think there should have been another two levels to that conversation at least. Didn't really feel anything in his coming of age mission in M2E. He's okay in M3E, in his short appearance 'I don't need luck, I have ammo'. There's one thing that we can never really escape, he's just not on Wrex's level, is he?

    @Number (4) - Feel like I don't even remember him ddd. Wrex did it better.



    @soratami +3 (69)
    @kalonite -1 (19)
    @Blank +4 (5)


    @Empty Shoebox +2 (125)
    @Number +7 (35)
    @NecessaryVoodoo -3 (28)
    @DJHazey +4 (7)
    @GhettoPrincess +1 (5)
    @Animalia +0 (2)​
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