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XO Popjustice Has The Deck: The Mass Effect Character Rate (Results - Finale)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DJHazey, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. He only dies in M3E if you didn't secure his loyalty in M2E. If you did, he crawls up to your shuttle covered in blood having punched all the assimilated rachni.
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  2. The character going at #21 is a biggy.
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  3. I'm curious to see if @Empty Shoebox will end up with twice as many Renegade points as I have Paragon ones.
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  4. I doubt it. Unless you get replaced by Evil @soratami with a goatee.
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  5. Like I said, this character is one of the headliners for the entire franchise and they are out at #21..

    However since I think most Mass Effect fans would rank the games something like: ME2>ME1>ME3 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Andromeda, no one is going to be too shocked.


    #21. Pathfinder Ryder (Sara/Scott) - 6.944

    Highest: 9 (@Animalia)

    Lowest: 4 (@Empty Shoebox)

    My Score: 7

    Voice Actors: Fryda Wolff (Sara) // Tom Taylorson (Scott)

    I think we got Ryder's average score about right, it's just that so many other characters were done dirty and Ryder should have been out at like #30 or #35. I knew this role would be so difficult to vote for and I really didn't want to separate the siblings, because depending on which sex you choose, the roles are going to be reversed anyway. If you choose to be Sara for example, then Scott is stuck in hibernation for most of the game
    and you only talk to him a couple of times. Then yes, you get to play as him for a bit, but their role isn't strongest enough to be cast in this rate.
    I think the only problem with Ryder is that their leadership doesn't really get to be shown as clearly as it was for Commander Shepard. For one thing a Pathfinder doesn't really have the same leadership status that a Spectre/Commander has. You are answering to the Nexus and never really challenge that, where as Shepard constantly said 'the hell with this' to anything the Citadel tried to dictate towards them. This translated to Ryder's personality feeling a bit too 'clumsy' for the lack of better word, or seeming as if they unsure of themselves and only just kind of there for a fun adventure. They were a bit too goofy I guess for the role they were supposed to be playing. I've only played the game once and chose all the emotional/fun answers and maybe I would've had a different experience if I had chosen the logical/apathetic answers. Obviously facial expression issues and a terrible character creation system in comparison to the original series (even if it was a bit more expansive) hurt things for sure, although I was able to make my Sara Ryder look exactly like Johanna form MTV's The Real World (somebody please know who I'm talking about). All things considered, a Pathfinder is there to explore and help find a new world for colonies an so there has to be a bit more of "adventurous" personality filling the role and we definitely got that. Also, when you're fairly or unfairly going to be compared to Commander Shepard...well that's going to go well for anyone.

    @soratami (8) Default male Ryder gets points for his looks. And at least his VA is way better than male Shepard's... but then again who isn't. As for the female Ryder... idon'tknowher.gif

    @kalonite (7) - Ryder was pretty good, but no Shepard.

    @Blank (7) - Being Ryder felt less important than being Shepard and the whole experience of being the Pathfinder a little less focused.

    (Yeah I think this is what I was trying to get at with my wall of words.)

    @GhettoPrincess (7) - It’s hard to follow up Commander Shep but I did like the sibling aspect, now if only they had more customization so we can avoid having dodgy looking Ryders then that’d be great.

    (Did you try changing your Ryder in Lexi's office after one of the last patches? It does fix a lot of the issues.)

    @NecessaryVoodoo (6.5) -


    @Empty Shoebox (4) - My problem with Ryder (apart from never getting the face quite right, and the inferior voice actor compared to Shepard) is that she doesn't feel like 'my' character. There's a point early on when she talks to SAM and says that she 'likes to show her sense of humour' or words to that effect. This was after I had spent hours playing her as straight as possible. Just felt rough to me. After that, she just fell further in my favour.


    @soratami +3 (72)
    @kalonite +0 (19)
    @Blank -2 (3)


    @Empty Shoebox +6 (131)
    @Number +0 (35)
    @NecessaryVoodoo +2 (30)
    @DJHazey +2 (9)
    @GhettoPrincess +1 (6)
    @Animalia -2 (0)​
  6. Mass Effect Top 20

    ME1 (6/15)

    Captain Anderson
    Commander Shepard
    Dr. Karin Chakwas
    Garrus Vakarian
    Tali'Zorah nar Rayya
    Urdnot Wrex

    ME2 (7/16)

    Aria T'Loak
    Kasumi Goto
    Mordin Solus

    ME3 (1/7)

    Samantha Traynor

    Andromeda (6/19)

    Dr. Suvi Anwar
    Jaal Ama Darav
    Kallo Jath
    Nakmor Drack
    Nakmor Kesh
    Vetra Nyx​
  7. Kallo making it to the top 20 is so random haha

    Him, Samantha, Anderson and Suvi can go next.
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  8. The ones that I'm personally scratching my head about, being in over characters like Miranda, The Illusive Man and Thane are: Legion, EDI, and I'm sorry but Chakwas.
  9. I see nothing but 9s and 10s
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  10. Suvi is a personal favorite so I can maybe see an argument against her making the Top 20, maybe. Same with Samantha teebs. But Kallo and Anderson are absolute legends.

    Everyone you mention is a 10, so I'll take your last comment and raise it.
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  11. No I haven't played it for ages and probably won't if the future of the game isn't looking so great. I feel like this was the right time for Ryder to go but I guess it's hard to really judge your own character based on one game against a more epic trilogy.

    I feel like I have a lot of average scores left and most of my faves have gone at this point. Rooting for Commander Shepard, Tali, Vetra, Jaal, Suvi, Mordin, Jack and Garrus.
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  12. Hands off my drinking buddy.
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  13. I mean, the stans are going a little too far over buying a bottle of brandy and pouring a glass that one time, but werk.
  14. Maybe I'm missing something about Kallo, but at least as far as I've gone in the game there haven't really been any standout moments with him. He is funny yes, but not terribly interesting, original (he's a bit Joker meets Mordin) or memorable.
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  15. One thing that's way better playing as Ryder instead of Shepard is that it feels you actually can more or less shape their personality with the mood based replies. With Shepard you were basically either good or bad and that's as far as it went. And honestly being Renegade made 0 sense so I was always good anyway.
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  16. You missed out on punching that reporter?!
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  17. Being a Renegade was oh so satisfying with all the violent tactics you got to use with the 'quick trigger' opportunities.
  18. [​IMG]

    #19. (tie) Jaal Ama Darav (Andromeda) - 7.000

    Highest: 10 (@kalonite)

    Lowest: 4 (@Empty Shoebox)

    My Score: 7

    Voice Actor: Nyasha Hatendi

    I think Jaal's elimination was long overdue, though it does feel nice to have pretty all possible alien races represented in the Top 20. When you first meet the angaran people, Jaal volunteers to join the Tempest as an observer because the angaran are cautious of any outsiders after the kett betrayed their trust. Through him, you learn a lot about angaran society and hierarchy, the 'resistance' forces who were formed to stop the kett, and the Roekaar. You learn that Jaal is part of a large and powerful family, but Jaal himself feels he has never done anything to distinguish himself or really make his family proud. He feels joining Ryder and helping to both defeat the kett and the Scourge will do just that. As you'd expect when two alien aces first meet each other, Jaal has a lot of questions and Ryder the same. So there is a lot of interesting dialogue revolving around this and at first I found all of it to be entertaining and sometimes even funny. However, it does tend to get a little tedious after awhile though the conversations in the Nomad that Jaal has with Vetra and Cora are solid gold. It also bugged me that Jaal seemed to literally hit on every member I brought on a missions besides Liam. He saved that activity for the Tempest when you would often find the two in the crew's quarters. Jaal's long pauses between words and his audible 'hmmms' started to really bug me near the end of the game so that led to be taking some points off as well.

    @kalonite (10) - Just all round endearing and interesting.

    (And this would have been my comment and score when I first met Jaal.)

    @Blank (5) - I think he’s okay. As the big new alien addition to the series he’s disappointing. I mean, his and the Angara’s ‘thing’ is just being ~emotional~. They’re like that girl in that scene of Mean Girls.

    @Empty Shoebox (4) - I like how open he is, but I never got the feeling that that was a Jaal thing, and more of a Angara thing.

    (I wished that when you saved Moshae, she would then join the crew and send Jaal home. She seemed like someone that would have challenged Ryder a little more.)


    @soratami -1 (71)
    @kalonite +5 (24)


    @Empty Shoebox +4 (135)
    @Number -1 (34)
    @NecessaryVoodoo -1 (29)
    @DJHazey +2 (11)
    @GhettoPrincess +0 (6)
    @Blank +4 (1)
    @Animalia +0 (0)​
  19. Jaal is a great character (one I should have rated higher) and the Angara are very interesting, even though parts of their lore really make no sense. Like, you developped space flight before the Scourge, but you didn't keep a written History? surejaane.gif
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  20. Hint for the other part of #19 later:

    The character is a romance option for Shepard or Ryder, so:

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