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XO Popjustice Has The Deck: The Mass Effect Character Rate (Results - Finale)

Discussion in 'Off Topic' started by DJHazey, Nov 5, 2017.

  1. Hopefully it's....

    Samantha or Samara
  2. One of those I wouldn't mind losing about now and the other well...I was disappointed by your score for her.
  3. Samantha or Suvi pls
  4. And you were both right.


    #19. (tie) - Samantha Traynor (Mass Effect 3) - 7.000

    Highest: 10 (@DJHazey) 9 (@Empty Shoebox)

    Lowest: 5 x 2 (@GhettoPrincess, @Animalia) <-- I'm disappointed in both of you, teebs.

    Voice Actor: Alix Wilton Regan (<3)

    Looks like she voices a few characters in Dragon Age, so I have that to look forward because Samantha made me absolutely melt from the second I first entered the Normandy in Mass Effect 3. This is going to sound weird but my Fem Shep really seemed to form a deeper connection to Samantha throughout the game and I had a little emotional moment before the last missions when it became clear we may never see each other again. That's what makes the game so powerful isn't it? I'm sure we all had this moment with at least one of our romance options. It made it very hard not to give her my 11, but I was the first voter of course (as to not be influenced by any scores) and figured her role was too small. I strategically gave my 11 to Miranda and we all see how that played out. Well I can actually say this about five or six characters that almost got my 11; it truly was a Sophie's Choice expedition. It's almost as if Bioware saw how robotic Kelly was in Mass Effect 2 and figured if they were going to have another assistant for Commander Shepard that they'd better have a personality and speak their mind. Samantha won me over immediately because she actually puts forth her feelings on the missions and her opinions; Samantha challenges Shepard and makes the relationship so much more satisfying.

    @Empty Shoebox (9) - Queen of toothbrushes etc. Kelly Chambers wishes she could be her.

    (Finally we can agree on something.)

    @kalonite (7.5) - Kelly Chambers 2.0, and an upgrade in literally every way.

    (This comment feels more like a 9.5.)

    @soratami (7) - She was nice enough, if a bit forgettable.

    (Why did my Fem Shep have to go back up to her quarters and take a old shower after any conversation with her before going to Galaxy Map then, hmm?)

    @Blank (7) - She’s very hit and miss to me. Sometimes her quirky and cute demeanor can come across as very annoying, and other times it can be a laugh out loud moment, like her using her toothbrush to save the day. An okay character.

    @Number (6) - Feel like I didn't really interact with her but she was upfront and grounded, a nice counterpart to some of the grander characters across the games.


    @soratami -1 (70)
    @kalonite +4 (28)


    @Empty Shoebox -6 (129)
    @Number +0 (34)
    @NecessaryVoodoo +0 (29)
    @GhettoPrincess +2 (8)
    @DJHazey -8 (3)
    @Animalia +2 (2)
    @Blank -1 (0)​
  5. ...And for those of you who missed the 'Citadel' DLC:
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  6. [​IMG]

    #17. (tie) Vetra Nyx (Andromeda) - 7.278

    Highest: 10 (@NecessaryVoodoo) 9 (@DJHazey)

    Lowest: 3 (@kalonite)

    Voice Actor: Danielle Rayne

    I think this was the first time we got to really interact with a female turian, which was pretty exciting if you ask me. Vetra's character definitely had two sides. First we see her as this rogue smuggler who seems to always be willing to bend the rules or find a shortcut, like a female Han Solo in some ways. Then we later see the 'softer' side of Vetra, especially when it came to her younger sister Sidera and the way she basically brought her up and she protects Sid with her life. I also loved her sassy side that comes out in either the Tempest or the Nomad; I think I brought her on more excursions than anyone else and her little tactical visor is a real look too.

    @NecessaryVoodoo (8) - Bad ass binch. Having Vetra and Drack in the squad and listening to them swapping war stories while trundling across yet another planet made the journey much less dull.

    (I don't remember ever having this combo along with me, or not enough. Noted for a future playthrough.)

    @soratami (8) - Haven't got very far in Andromeda but she definitely seems cool

    (And what would your score be today?)

    @Blank (8) - My favourite companion from Andromeda. I love my shady smuggler queen.

    @Empty Shoebox (7) - I liked Vetra. Despite the whole bringing up child on their own snooze. Maybe it's just that versatility and operating outside the law, but there was just something that made me warm to her.

    @kalonite (3) - Just really, really boring. Like, spectacularly boring. I feel bad for her. She had literally nothing to do all game.

    (I...umm, well I don't know how to respond to this except for the 'ol "somebody talk to her because I'ma hurt her feelings.")


    @soratami +2 (72)
    @kalonite -9 (19)
    @Blank +4 (4)
    @DJHazey +6 (3)


    @Empty Shoebox -3 (126)
    @Number +0 (34)
    @NecessaryVoodoo -8 (21)
    @GhettoPrincess +0 (8)
    @Animalia +1 (3)​
  7. Erm.... can you stop eliminating my faves? I'm feeling less guilty about my low scores..... I should've gone more renegade.
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  8. No, you shouldn't have. Believe me.
  9. [​IMG]
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  10. I would have given her a 9/10 now. She really is that perfect mix of badass and adorable.
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  11. At least I can stand united with a certain voter-bloc..



    #17. (tie) - Dr. Suvi Anwar - 7.278

    10 x 3 (@Animalia, @kalonite, @DJHazey)

    Lowest: 4 (@Empty Shoebox)

    Voice Actor: Katy Townsend

    Suvi is the Scottish Queen of the Tempest with that accent that made my Fem Ryder float away the first time she spoke to her. Suvi is also extremely intelligent, making Ryder feel uncomfortable at time with the extent of that knowledge; Suvi intimidates her. She grew up with science all over the place because of her parents and she joined the Andromeda Initiative the second she heard about it. Amazingly, despite her scientific background Suvi also has a strong religious belief. As the Tempest transverses the galaxy, Suvi is the one who analyses anomalies since she is the science officer, so you hear her voice a lot. I was able to overlook the fact that she licks rocks (for science) and create a strong bond with her. Unfortunately, the game does not have a very deep relationship arc and the romance scenes are kind of a letdown to be honest, so this romance ranks well below Miranda and Samantha for me.

    @kalonite (10) - I fuckin love her and I will fight anyone who says a bad word about her. This is the gay glaswegian hill I die on.

    @Blank (6) - Gurrl …that sex scene in the lab is just no. You’re gonna contaminate all your soil samples Suvi!

    (I'm sure my Fem Ryder went back to her quarters and dreamed of a better scene afterwards.)

    @soratami (5) - That haircut, sis...

    @Empty Shoebox (4) - Somehow, despite the voice actor being from Glesca, she has the least convincing accent I've seen in a while? This does not make sense. Really didn't like the whole goddy, religious side of her personality. I've never had time for that sort of nonsense. However, it does give her depth and make her a bit memorable.

    (Yet you still gave her a 4..)


    @soratami -5 (67)
    @kalonite +8 (27)
    @DJHazey +5 (8)


    @Empty Shoebox +6 (132)
    @Number +0 (34)
    @NecessaryVoodoo +1 (22)
    @GhettoPrincess +0 (8)
    @Blank +5 (1)
    @Animalia -3 (0)​
  12. Udina had depth and I zeroed him...
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  13. not @kalonite slowly coming for my Paragon crown
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  14. Am I the only who didn't know rock licking is actually a thing real geologists do?

    Edit : Also yikes at the sapphic reaping on this page. How are you holding up Hazey?
    Last edited: Jan 13, 2018
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  15. Late to the game again but Miranda not cracking the Top 10 is Misogynyjustice at its worst.
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  16. Suvi makes me proud to be Glaswegian. "Pardon my martian, but it's all weird as shite" remains iconic.

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  17. [​IMG]

    You really thought you had a chance against such an iconic trilogy?


    #16. Kallo Jath - 7.333

    Highest: 10 x 3 (@Animalia, @kalonite, @DJHazey) <-- The clique with taste.

    Lowest: 4 (@Number)

    Voice Actor: Garrett Ross

    There's three reasons he is clear 10. 1) He's a salarian, which automatically means he starts at like 9. 2) He's 1,000,000,000 times better than Joker. 3) He's a fucking riot, with a couple of one-liners that are among the best in the entire franchise.

    @kalonite (10) - His bickering with Gil was hilarious, but it was his little heartfelt conversations with Suvi that won me over.

    (Yes at the last part. He felt like a sibling to Suvi, who didn't mind the romance between Ryder and sis, but would be quick to add in his "kill me" comment to remind them he was in the same room.)

    @soratami (7) - A Joker x Mordin hybrid. The creativity was real when creating this character.

    (Well no because he didn't 'speed talk' the same way, he was his own salarian, and he didn't have to try to be funny he just is.)

    @Blank (7) - He’s so awkwardly cute. That the Salarians are so tall in Andromeda only adds to it.

    @Empty Shoebox (7) - I like all the techie detail he gives when you press him, but I felt that the conflict with Gil should have been sorted earlier. Am I the only person that thinks that the designer shouldn't be flying the ship?


    #15. Nakmor Drack - 7.500

    10 (@NecessaryVoodoo) 9 (@kalonite)

    Lowest: 6 x 3 (@GhettoPrincess, @Number, @soratami)

    My Score: 8

    Voice Actor: Stanley Townsend

    I loved meeting a krogan that was so experienced in battle because we got all of the cool war stories and he was also a tad more laid back which added a new dimension. The bone head piece and how his spiked skin formed a beard of sorts were all kinds of iconic.

    @kalonite (9) - The idea of a really old Krogan warrior has a lot of mileage, and they used the concept well. He was always good to take along for some incidental dialogue. And then there's his emails.

    (I also enjoyed his loyalty mission because it felt like a lot was on the line.)

    @Empty Shoebox (7) - Another character who's been through a lot. Seems like I have a soft spot for them.

    (But another krogan at this age? Seems like this was first for the franchise.)

    @Blank (7) - The dinosaur grandpa is all right. Design wise he’s really distinctive, he rocks those bones accessories and his goatee made of spikes just looks cool. There are moments when he feels too much like Wrex 2.0 though.

    (I get that too, which is why I couldn't hand him a higher score. At the same time there was a feeling of an old warrior that figured this might be his last battle and wanted to go out with honor which was special.)


    #14. Nakmor Kesh - 7.556

    10 (@kalonite) 9 x 2 (@Number, @DJHazey)

    Lowest: 4 (@GhettoPrincess)

    Voice Actor: Allegra Clark

    I think I might have over-scored her for the "yaaaas, female krogan with more of role than Eve had" but then when I think back on it, the grandfather-daughter relationship with Drack was cute but Ryder does do enough interaction with her. I kept going back to her office for some more conversations but often there wasn't anything new. Sadly, this might have been another result of "rush to get the game out". I also found myself wanting a little bit more sass out of her though she did know how to put Tann in his place when she had to.

    @kalonite (10) - The true director of the Nexus, let's be honest.

    (Yes, one of the DLC we should've gotten could be her rise to power with Ryder's help. Full of scandals involving Tann, Addison, and whatever the turian's name was. Iconic teebs.)

    @soratami (8) - Me Oussi... no, nevermind, I won't stoop that low. She is cool, as female Krogan always seem to be.

    @Empty Shoebox (7) - Has my sympathies for keeping the Nexus running despite everything. I also side with her on political issues, and not just because I don't like Tann.

    (Tann was so fun to hate though, such an icon. The rest of the Nexus left a lot to be desired.)

    @Blank (6) - She’s fine but can’t escape Eve’s shadow.

    (I'm sorry you have this flop, and obviously proven wrong, opinion.)


    @soratami -4 (63)
    @kalonite +18 (45)
    @DJHazey +13 (21)
    @Animalia +4 (4)


    @Empty Shoebox -1 (131)
    @Number +3 (37)
    @NecessaryVoodoo +1 (23)
    @GhettoPrincess +7 (15)
    @Blank +0 (1)​
  18. Well Kallo was another favorite, but I still have a few left. Unfortunately my favorite romantic flings have all fallen.
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  19. Well, this is getting close. Anyone taking bets?
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  20. I'm being sabotaged!!!1
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