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Y.LA General Discussion (New U.S Girl Group)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Breaking Heart, Jan 21, 2013.

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    Y.LA is a upcoming group from the U.S. The group features 5 members, including 4 members (excluding Mandy) from girl group The Beach Girl5, and PCD Presents: Girlicious contestant and former PCD member Jamie Ruiz. The group recently shot their first music video! They are working with Rock Mafia.. so it could be that the group is kind of like a rebrand of BG5 rather than a different group. The new single is called "The Kids R Ok", recently included on Rock Mafia's album (Most likely be a new version)

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  2. Rock Mafia makes some pretty irresistible catchy songs, not gonna lie. They are in good hands. But now they will potentially be competing against The Saturdays and Fifth Harmony as the breakout girl group in America, so good luck to them.
  3. Scratch was my jam back then! Rock Mafia can produce quite the tune. Glad the girls haven't broken up, I had a somewhat of a soft spot for Dominique and Noreen. The name change was definitely for the better.
  4. I LOVE Dominique and Laura. I've been a fan of this group for a few years now. I'm glad they're still together, and I hope they finally release an album.
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  5. The group are having some sort of showcase at the weekend. They've also started there "Whatever It's Wednesday" videos, with the first featuring a short live song and dance rehearsel.

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    Will they survive? I think Fifth Harmony will be the breakout girl group in the US this year if Epic does things right. Of course Little Mix and The Saturdays are eyeing for the US market as well.
  7. They're interesting, mostly because I want to see them work exclusively with Rock Mafia. A Rock Mafia produced album with little label restrictions is something I've been wanting since Can't Be Tamed.
  8. BG5. Are the Kardashians still involved?
  9. They're still Beach Girl 5 but under a different name. Surely it would make sense to merge this with the old thread? I miss Mandy.
  10. http://twitter.com/#!/YLA_Music/status/298639475230265344

    I really hope this is their year! They just need the right promotion.
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    So I watched their TV performance and they were great. I loved how they interacted with Kathy and the guests, and they also have amazing choreography. Brilliant.
  12. Here is the second Whatever It's Wednesday where they cover Truly Madly Deeply.

    Suprised at Jamie's vocals, she wasn't the best singer back on PCD Presents.. glad to hear she's improved. The cover was great.

  13. YLA posted a link to this thread! Hey ladies, been a fan since the early BG5 days and still supporting. Good luck with everything in 2013!
  14. There's a new song on their soundcloud, Rabbit Hole.


    Fairly catchy.

    Why did that blonde girl dye her hair that awful shade of purple though lol?
  15. Rabbit Hole is actually an old BG5 song. They've also performed it at their shows and different clubs.
  16. Rabbit Hole is very catchy, never heard it before. It'll be hard to top Scratch, I hope they go hard with the choreography again this time too.

    And I love that the girls are reading this thread, it's so cute. You have an Irish fan right here girls! But I feel a bit mortified now for confessing my love for Dominique and Noreen considering they may be reading this. Ha!
  17. I loved Scratch.
  18. I can't wait for them to release 'The Kids R OK'. That 'pretty girls sit like this, nice girls they sit like this, the girls who sit like that get this like this' line has been stuck in my head for weeks and i've only heard the song like 3 times. I love how nonsensical it is when you listen to it.
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