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Yasmin (feat. Ms Dynamite) Light Up the World

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by absintheboy, Sep 22, 2011.

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    Absolutely infatuated with this. Glad Ms Dynamite is on the final version.

    When is this out?
  2. I love both of them but this track simply doesn't feel good enough.
    Considering the brilliance of both "Finish Line" and "Neva Soft", they could have made somehting so much better.
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    Finish Line is still her weakest track to me by far, though I seem to be the only one who thinks that. It just doesn't have the poignancy of On My Own, and this new single definitely beats it in the fun and catchy departments.
  4. Very chill! I like.
  5. I thought she just put it 'out there' for Carnival, so it's getting a full release?! Great!! It deserves to be a hit.
  6. I am looking forward to this album so much. Do we have any proposed dates?
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    Early next year. Like January I think. She's releasing a few more singles before the album though.
  8. By the time the album will be released every single song will be on the internet. I don't mind cause she's great and I love her voice, but I don't think that's the best way to go.
    Light Up The World is a lovely song and not what I was expecting her to do. Although I have to admit that I like her better if she does her trip-pop-etc. songs.
  9. This song is a massive disappointment. So sad. Everything had been spot on, but this track makes me wonder...
  10. 3Xs


    You must have been looking for the Rihanna thread with this comment.
  11. We've got our rihview!
  12. I didn't like this so much on first listen to be honest but then I heard it a few more times and now I cant get enough!!

  13. No idea what that means.. Ironically, it's the island sound I dislike here.
  14. So I posted the video in the wrong thread.

    It's great! I love the colours and the song just keeps getting more and more awesome with each play.
  15. Stunning woman. Song and video are class.
  16. 3Xs


    Perfect video for this song. Shame it wasn't released in the warmer months, would have been a complete summer anthem.
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