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Years & Years - Communion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hashtagbeautiful, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. A great little track courtesy of Kitsuné and Years & Years. I did a thread search but nothing came up about these guys so I thought i'd post one as I'm really digging the new single.

    "Years & Years - Real"

    They have other material and previous EP's floating around if you're interested and they've been supporting MØ on tour, so you might have caught them live this year.
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  2. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Their new single Take Shelter is quite good in a 'What if Terence Trent D'Arby and Sting had a bunch of Hipster-Babies' kind of way.

    If you like it more uptempo, I'd recommend the Tobtok-Remix of "Real", that's how I've got to know these guys.
  3. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Their cover of "Breathe" is a nice jam.
  4. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    I love Take Shelter. The production is so good.
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    Oh I didn't know there was a thread about them, I love every song they've released so far!!
    I'm in love with Olly and his voice.
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    Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    I just heard "Take Shelter" for the first time and it's amazing. It's kind of what you imagine a Clean Bandit x Jamie Woon collaboration would sound like. And it's exactly what Sam Smith should be doing instead of that mumsy crap he's putting out the moment.
  7. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    I saw these guys supporting Clean Bandit in Liverpool Cathedral. The sound wasn't great as often happens with supporting acts but the singer does have a great voice and now feels like the time for their kind of music.
  8. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Olly's voice is just incredible. I could listen to him sing for days.
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  10. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Take Shelter and their cover of Breathe are both amazing. They should write and produce Justin Bieber's comeback single.
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    I also discovered them because of Skins and I can't get enough of them now. I hope they become big.
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    Summer's probably over already, but their single with The Magician is quite fantastic.
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    I've just discovered their The Magician collaboration and was about to post it myself! I have to say I don't particularly like it, but at least it's not a smudge on their brilliant track record.
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  15. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    I went to their Take Shelter single launch party and they are INCREDIBLE live. Olly's voice is insane. They played the next single called Desire (I think?) and that was brilliant too.
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    It's amazing. I wasn't too taken with Take Shelter (I much preferred Real) but this is IT.
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    They're very good, but this is the most obvious "tastemakers! Remember the BBC Sound Of list is coming up!" campaign in a long time.
  18. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    There's something so special about them, they're one of my favourite breaking artists. I'm so in!
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