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Years & Years - Communion

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Hashtagbeautiful, Apr 10, 2014.

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  1. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Desire is amazing.
    Also love King and Take Shelter- saw them live supporting Clean Bandit as well and really hope they are the Next Big Thing.
    Ollie's voice! <3
  2. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    So they won BBC Sound of 2015 which is GREAT and King is such a tune, I've seen them perform it live a couple of times before I heard the studio version and it was always my favourite. This year is going to be so good for them.
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  4. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    I'm loving these guys. I can't wait for their album and for them to blow up everywhere this year. King... AMAZING. It's taken me over.
  5. K94


    Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    WOWWOWWOW - the audacity to unveil the single of the year this early. King is a 10/10. These guys need to be big - I'm so obsessed.
  6. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    I've been low key using them for a while now. The lead singer is my 2015 crush too.
  7. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Woohoo! So happy they won!
  8. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    I want to love them but the face of the lead singer bugs me in some way.

    This is completely ridiculous and superficially stupid but he looks like an evil twat.

    Maybe he has the same face as all my bullies in high school, ha.
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  9. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    These guys are amazing.
  10. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Yes they are. I'm in love with 'King' already, hope the video will be decent too.

    If I had to rank what we heard so far, it would go:
    1. Take Shelter
    2. Desire
    3. King
    4. Memo

    Like someone else said, 'Desire' and 'King' lack in the production department. It all sounds a bit basic, but still very good.
  11. 2014

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    Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Where's Real??? I think Desire is their best, but all of them are so strong.
  12. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Traps should not be being ignored like this.
  13. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Yes and same goes for 'Real' too!
  14. ADM


    Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    I would struggle to rank any of there songs I love them all so much. Traps was my "hot summer evenings playing music from the car at the beach" song..
  15. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    I imagine our collective suffering throughout 2014 is going to result in a year of popjustices, the first being Years & Years winning the Sound poll.
  16. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Calm your collective tits. I was only ranking the singles starting with Take Shelter.
    Real and Traps are on EPs. But if I had to rank all of them:

    1. Real
    2. Take Shelter
    3. Desire
    4. King
    5. Traps
    6. Memo
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  18. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

  19. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

    Haim's worst single but yes.
  20. Re: Years & Years - Real (Single)

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