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Years & Years - Night Call (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. More information from someone in the know on ATRL:
    - Song is coming with a music video same day
    - Pre-order for the album, Night Call, is also dropping
    - 11 tracks on the album
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  2. Honestly thought that was a Paolo Santo outtake.
  3. Ok, let’s celebrate this!
  4. I thought the same thing. Somebody could have told me this was the shoot for the Paolo Santo cover and I wouldn't have thought anything about it.

    As for the new song, I'm hoping it reignites my excitement for the album because Starstruck was not it for me.
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  5. Is the cover art supposed to lampoon the Don't Tread on Me flag or is that coincidence dd
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  6. Sam


    It sounds like Tom Aspaul but pleasant to listen to
  7. Scream.
  8. We're going to keep retreading the Christian/gay/sin/deep desires territory it seems! Won't mind when that well runs dry.
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  9. kal


    The music video looks wild.

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  10. Y'all wanted a twist: Olly has previously denied it but Russell T Davies has just announced he's returning as showrunner on Doctor Who, and the sci-fi cigs are convinced miss Olivia is going to be the next Doctor.
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  11. It won’t be him playing the Doctor.
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  12. I think there's a lot of speculation he could be the companion too (and I'd prefer it truthfully since it would be a weird look to cast a man after just one woman). People are floating Lydia West as the Doctor alongside him and that is a casting I would like to see.
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  13. It was already confirmed he's not the Doctor but I wouldn't be surprised if Russell brings him in as the companion.
  14. First a WOMAN doctor now a BOTTOM doctor???
  15. It’s… something
  16. kal


    SCREAM. I’m here for it.
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  17. That's iconic and camp.
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  18. Ohh love it!
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  19. It's like a painting you'd see in a charity shop!
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  20. I would be intrigued to know if this artwork was signed off before or after MONTERO was released…
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