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Years & Years - Night Call (3rd Album)

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. ddd Sue was also my first thought when I saw KylieOlly

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  2. kal


    Ariana Grande looking like Gwen Stefani on the left.
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  3. I like this? - chorus got me singing 'I just died in your arms tonight'
    Also Kylie is serving What Do I Do Have To? ...complete with fur coat.
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  4. ‘I just died in your arms’ has also been in my head when listening to it
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  5. Ok but I ADORE this. The tempo is great, Kylie is iconic and Olly just looks so overjoyed to be there.
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  6. The roll out for this album is a bit of a car crash at the moment - Crave isn’t in the top 100 midweeks, hasn’t been added to the Radio 1 playlist or to Hot Hits U.K. this week either. The video is still well under a million views (A Minute to Midnight has already overtaken it) and despite being high on U.K. New Music Friday last week it’s only on 1.3m streams on Spotify.
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  7. Y&Y were so so special with everything on/before Communion. Palo Santo did nothing for me, and I actually like this era more. Letting go of the communion era expectation really lets me enjoy this again. I think second to midnight is a smash.

    The synth on this Clairo, SG Lewis song brings me major You & I nostalgia from their first EP:

  8. If this was 2008 the CD would have been pushed back to forever while a Berwick St Mister CD Review copy would've been all over muzicmatters. As it is they'll try another single and the vinyl sales will at least drive some income + the festivals.
  9. It would be a scream if this all led to the other two being let back into the band for the next era for a 'we lost our way but we've returned to our roots' narrative.
  10. Aren’t some of these venues… a bit ambitious?
  11. She answered some fan that she is still fighting Capitol but it's happening.
  12. I thought it was Sky Ferreira's thread. Nevermind.
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  13. I agree, the last time I remember them only doing small venues. I think it's risky now since this is more of a solo project for him and the songs released haven't stuck around.
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  14. I thought this but didn’t wanna say! But yeah, I would have assumed they’d go for smaller venues this time around.
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  15. I think the last album tour included arenas,no?

    I agree though, extremely ambitious Venues for this when there hasn’t been any hits this era…
  16. I'm getting t.A.T.u. 2003 UK arena tour vibes from those venues.
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  17. They played The O2 but it was far from sold out.
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  18. 2014

    2014 Staff Member

    This artwork is still beyond terrible.
  19. I could see Bournemouth and Brighton being okay (they’re like half a capacity of a normal arena) but wouldn’t be surprised if the other 3 arenas are at half capacity. How much are the tickets?

    I’m surprised it’s not just a full U.K. Academy style venue tour with the odd bigger venue I.e Bournemouth thrown in.
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