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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. I agree that keeping the name is actually detracting rather than adding to this.
    Olly said he wanted to hold onto Y&Y so he could perform the previous material.. but he could have done that as Olly Alexander.
    Anyway, I hope for some bops from his new album!
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  2. Olly Alexander name won't get the festival spots and all of those additional press that Years & Years name can have.
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  3. Starstruck has been added to Hot Hits U.K. on Spotify!!

    Song no. 58 though...
  4. Yes, true.
    It would have been nice to see him launch this era under his own name but I can see the drawbacks that could have too.
  5. I'm surprised this is not doing better considering it's so tailormade for Capital. Guess even the geepee wants something more interesting.

  6. History repeats itself... ddd
  7. I actually really like If You’re Over Me, and thinks it’s a way better song than this.
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  8. This debuted at #64 by the way. Their 11th Top 75 single.
  9. I can't believe how bad this song is. It has the ingredients of a banger but ends up being so vacant and lazy.
  10. RJF


    What kind of Mr Bean hell is that video.
  11. This performance... is not it. The ‘choreography’ is just embarrassing to watch and the vocals are hella shaky. I definitely feel the longer I’ve had to listen to the song, the less I like it...
  12. The performance is literally fine...?
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  13. It was better than what he did on Graham Norton.
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  14. It is unfortunate that the more I listen to Starstruck the less I like it, and the video really didn't help either.

    Olly should just move quickly onto the next single and hopefully there is better to come on the album.
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  15. I really don't get the performance critiques. Maybe it's because I like the song.
  16. Honestly I love him and he just exudes joy when he performs so I'm absolutely rooting for him but I just don't like the song. Though saying that I hated If You're Over Me on release and love it now so maybe it's me that's wrong.
  17. It's finally entered the top 200 at #181 today.
  18. True, that was just too cheesy for me.

    Having rewatched a couple of his older performances, I think the issue is just the song itself. I loved it on the first few listens, but it’s just kinda worn off which makes it harder to enjoy the overall package I guess.

    I really hope there are some bops coming with the album, I’d love to see Olly live his very own disco fantasy.
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  19. My flatmate described it as "Ant & Dec Saturday Night Takeaway music" and I can't stop thinking about the brutal accuracy

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