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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Honestly I think everyone say this coming. It's clearly been the Olly show for a while (no hate), the other two probably want to go and do other things with their time. They're clearly talented themselves.
  2. Does this mean they’ll still release under Years & Years, but just with Olly at the forefront?
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  3. Nice that Mikey will still join the live shows at least.
  4. Yeah that’s what I’m getting. And Emre will no longer play live on stage.
  5. How bizarre.
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  6. It's all very odd , poor mikey years and years is now a solo olly thing but you can still play but not be a actually group
  7. I wonder what happened. Seems like a bit of a demotion for Mikey unless that's what he and Emre wanted. I did feel a bit sorry for them in the background and they didn't seem to be as involved in Palo Santo creatively if I am remembering correctly.
  8. Maybe Emre wants to work with his other band more, the other guy in that band is their old touring drummer.
  9. londonrain

    londonrain Staff Member

    I guess it frees Mikey up to do other stuff as well - he gets the option to be part of the live band but otherwise has effectively no Y&Y work to do.
  10. Gosh I do wonder what’s gone on behind the scenes? The wording of it is very suss.
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  11. Why do I feel like something similar was said when they brought out their last album? I recall something being said about it being more Olly fronted. I could've dreamt it as it wouldn't be the first time I have dreamed of Olly.
  12. Anyone who looked at the credits on the last album saw this coming a mile off: the the other two had literally, like, two credits across sixteen tracks. It's an extremely strange way for a 'band' to operate.

    For whatever reason they were basically silent partners-turned-session musicians after the first era.
  13. I saw this coming since the last album.
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  14. It's not very clear. If it was an Olly solo endeavour under the Y&Y name then... I love Palo Santo <3 But I'm pretty sure that was suppose to be a we've split up / Y&Y are no more type message. Talk about beating around the bush.
  15. Whilst this is unsurprising, especially as the last album only had Olly's face on the cover, I can't help but feel unsettled about this announcement.

    Their debut was far stronger than Palo Santo and I generally think it was attributed to them operating as a band (and Emre and Mikey having production/songwriting credits).
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  16. I actually love both albums equally, so if Palo Santo was mostly Olly, I’m ok with this (unsurprising) news. Joe Public won’t even notice, so hopefully it won’t make an impact in that regard.
  17. The amazing thing about Years & Years is that from their debut they sounded like nothing else out there. Which is the only thing that worries me with them as time goes on, them losing that spark.

    Whilst Palo Santo is an undeniably fantastic album full of bops, it does sometimes lack this certain vibe...that’s hard to explain, and that I think may have been missing due to the other members being less present.

    This vibe of the debut is like an otherworldly, euphoric, alien festival vibe (I don’t know dd) with such emotional precision that the second album didn’t have for me personally. I do absolutely love Palo Santo, but it doesn’t hit the same deep level that the debut does for me.

    It’s just a little sad at the possibility that maybe that vibe that was so captivating from the start, could potentially lessen more and more as the albums go on, because the other members aren’t really as involved. That could be me just being pessimistic though, who knows!
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  18. Communion is magic. Palo Santo, Olly wanted to make an album like the pop stars he grew up on (Britney, Christina). Olly and Emry seemed really close during Communion and then not so much. Also, I think Emry has a 2nd child coming, maybe he doesn't want to be on the road?
  19. Exactly this. Although their follow-up was certainly very competent it did lack that sheer magic of their debut for me.
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  20. It was. I feel like they have been playing with the idea for a while.
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