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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. For Manchester:
    Seating - £35.50/ £41.00/£52.00
    Standing - £41.00
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  2. Not the semi-relevant girls parading a Wembley date these days to have 'Arena Tour!' on paper but it's probably the floor and 2 seated sections on the side. But if Sigrid can have one, Olly can too.
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  3. Lemme wait for that Groupon drop!
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  4. Getting flashbacks to the easiest money I've ever made, working the bar at a McFly concert that was an extra date added "due to phenomenal demand".

    Also, using a festival slot as your tour date for a particular city is really not the one, even if you're the headliner.
  5. It probably works out in his favour for the Glasgow show to be honest. Colourboxx tickets are similarly priced to the tour (£49.50 for a standing ticket) but you also get to see other acts (Becky Hill, Rina Sawyama, Bimini) for that money. He would be unlikely to sell out The Hydro (or even O2 Academy) at a £45 standing ticket but bundled in to a festival and it will probably sell well.
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  6. So... the tickets have done abysmal in the first week or so. They're gonna need a hit.
  7. Birmingham and Bournemouth seem to have sold relatively well upon a quick glance but what were they thinking with the rest of the venues?
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  8. Half expecting him to announce an album push back due to "sudden inspiration to write new songs". There really doesn't seem any buzz for the album considering it's out in a matter of weeks.
  9. It’s released in two months. There’s still time to build some sort of buzz for it
  10. They’ll need to release a new single soon - Crave was dead on arrival, and Christmas songs will be taking over in a few weeks time.
  11. I read on ATRL there's another single soon that will be pushed. It's a collaboration - possibly Sigma? Or someone similar. (The site is having one of its "sign in"/members only days so I can't check to confirm.)
  12. Makes me wonder if these venues are offering cheaper fees after covid
  13. Sweet Talker with Galantis, releasing on November 26th.

    Galantis deliver okay bops. Nothing amazing, just always enough to tap your foot to.
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  14. I think I’ve come to the point where I’m happy we got Communion and proud of his advocacy but everything from here just won’t be for me
  15. It still baffles me that they waited 6 months to follow up Starstruck. It makes me wonder whether they put everything on hold so they could put the Kylie collab on the album. Which doesn't make much sense because Kylie doesn't really have hits anymore. Unless they were scrambling around for something that could be a hit, which is what the Galantis song is.
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  16. It worries me if Starstruck and Crave are the best songs on the album...
  17. The Kylie duet is only on the deluxe version so it definitely wasn’t delayed due to that.
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  19. kal


    Dddd the mouth.
  20. The aesthetics and music are all over the place this era.
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