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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Better the two from Liberty X.
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  2. And even worse, adding more members on top of it, the name notwithstanding.
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  3. Olly, but if we're making dream scenarios, MNEK and Tom Aspaul would slay a Years & Years All Stars.
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  5. I mean, I get it, but also Olly Alexander as a name is pretty recognisable in itself these days. I wonder why they chose this and not just Olly Alexander becoming a solo entity.
  6. Mutya and Keisha please.
  7. Excited for new music from Olly and curious to see what the other boys do now! I can also see not just keeping Years & Years for the name recognition and sound cohesion but also if he ever wants to veer off from the Y&Y sound he can release an album under his name
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  8. I get it, I guess I just don't know how it will affect the musical output (I'm not sure how much each of the 3 individually had in it beforehand). Regardless, I'm excited for some new stuff.
  9. Because Years & Years can tour, book festival slots, get on Spotify playlists, get instant radio play and internet clicks when Olly Alexander won't. You don't just throw away that exposure.
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  10. Just that asking fans online not to be toxic is like asking the tide to stop.
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  11. "What’s your debut solo album going to sound like?
    ‘I Am… Sasha Fierce’.

    It’s quite interesting that there was no questioning whether you would or wouldn’t ever release a solo album. Straight in with an answer.
    Well you’re not the first person to ask. (Laughs)

    How many Years & Years albums will there be before you make your solo debut?
    Four. There are going to be four."

    Plans change, I guess.
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  12. Maybe he also needs to keep the name so it‘s easier to perform the old songs and get money? I don‘t know the rules.
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  13. kal


    Oh okay. I’m not asking them. Just hoping.

    Also, with regards to the name, while Olly Alexander may be recognizable in the UK, Years & Years have a global following. It would be silly to retire the band name while the face remains the same.

    Or are we forgetting how Mutya Keisha Siobhan turned out?
  14. As Vas says above Years & Years is a brand, and so it's more likely he'll get bookings and interest off the name alone. Changing the name would be throwing away a lot of that groundwork they've built up. (Also from a financial point of view, the more albums you deliver within your label contract, in this case as Years & Years, the higher you get paid on a sliding scale).

    It's also quite a cute way to keep his acting and media career separate from the music, so if one flops or whatever it doesn't affect perception of the other.
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  15. His acting in It’s A Sin has given me even more confidence that whatever Olly does next, it will be brilliant.
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  16. Can't wait for the lead single from album 3, Jai Ho!, by Years & Years feat. Olly Alexander.
  17. Interesting that Emre affirms his affection and joy of performing Communion across the world, but not Pablo Santo, which was obviously much more Olly's vision and creative vision.

    I really hope that there's no bad blood behind the scenes and that they're still good friends. Their body of work, whilst limited, is truly incredible - especially Communion which still sounds so fresh and interesting.

    I'm excited to see what Olly does next with the brand. I have no doubt that his recent successes will help inspire and inform his future musical output.
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  18. Emre is so cute
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  19. Ha! Suffer.

    (Of course there is).
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