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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. Sweet Talker is trash.
  2. Everything about this era is awful nn.
  3. I actually like it better than Crave so there's that.
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  4. This is all so…sad.
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  5. Especially after cofounding members left…although I like “Crave”, I don’t blame them at all.
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  6. Christ
  7. Years & Years set to shine in an all star show this New Year’s Eve on BBC One
    Years & Years will be joined by some very special guests as pop superstar Kylie Minogue and the legendary Pet Shop Boys join the party, with lots more surprises in store too.
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  8. I wish this album had been billed as an Olly solo record. Nothing from this era deserves to live in the same discography as Communion.
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  9. kal


    I'm still looking forward to the album, because I did somewhat enjoy Starstruck, and still adore Crave, but Sweet Talker is a major misstep.
  10. It’s all a bit faceless isn’t it?
  11. Album sales and streams will be dreadful, I expect Olly to focus on an acting career real fast.
  12. Literally anybody could have recorded Sweet Talker and Starstruck. What made Communion so fantastic for me was it felt fresh and different and I couldn’t imagine anyone else pulling those songs off. These just… are not that.
  13. I can see Olly going into acting full time after this album crashes and burns. Hopefully the rumours are true and he's the next Doctor Who. I'd rather that than all these substandard faceless flops.
  14. From these songs, I just don't see anything making it Years & Years in any way. It really is just Olly and I am not lining it.
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  15. RJF


    I think it’s over.
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  16. Fans about Olly's pocket.
  17. I really do think carrying on with the Years & Years name on his own was a massive mistake. It was just weird vibes, and the music wasn’t as good. I feel like there would have been at least a bit of buzz about a debut Olly campaign. Not loads, but at least slightly more than flogging the dead Years & Years horse. Although ultimately it was all doomed because the music simply wasn’t as good,
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  18. kal


    Mikey and Emre when they were asked to leave.
  19. I really have no desire to play this ever again. It’s Love Island background music.

    Crave was a little promising, though became boring after a week.
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  20. I rather that wasn't the case
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