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Years & Years - Night Call

Discussion in 'Pop & Justice' started by Jacques, Feb 9, 2021.

  1. I have never once had the urge to listen to Starstruck since it came out, but when I do hear it, it bops. It's so fun and feelgood.
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  2. Got my ticket. Bargain for a pretty intimate show. Looking forward to drunk slut bopping to Muscle.
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  3. The deluxe signed is £5.99

    Night Call (Deluxe) [Amazon Exclusive Signed Art Card]

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  4. Maybe it's because I'm yet to get into the first two albums (they're on my to-do list!) but I really loved the album? Going to support with some purchases seeing how cheap they are.
  5. I got excited thinking a deluxe vinyl existed. Such a shame.
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  6. I bought it, give him some coin especially at that price.
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  7. Has anyone received the blue vinyl yet? I’ve still not got mine …
  8. Is he still leaidng in the midweeks?

    I bought both signed versions from Amazon and the personalised vinyl from Banquet, so fingers crossed.
  9. I love how weird Immaculate is. Very Communion-esque too.
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  10. Hes’s on 14,650 and Yard Act are on 13,225. They’re actually ahead of Olly on physicals, so it’s a tight race!
  11. Not yet, I emailed about it on Monday and not heard back yet.
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  12. Okay so why did they put the best songs on the deluxe*? This kinda already happened with Palo Santo and I just don't get it.

    *not counting the Kylie collabs obv.
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  13. Only listened to a few songs so far waiting for my copy to arrive and the title track is definitely a bop, but Muscle is the one I'm obsessed with.
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  14. I also get that vibe from Reflection, there’s just this haunting sound in the background that just adds to the vibe
  15. kal


    Because labels have trash taste & the artist faves get relegated to bonus tracks.
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  16. Consequences slaps.
  17. Olly's doing a second Leeds show on Monday. I'm already going to the first one at 7pm (!) but there's a 9pm show too. Honestly, these album launch things are so weird.

    But I'll be back home at a decent time.
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  18. Just got tickets to the 9pm one - thanks!
    Hopefully I make my last train home at 10:40pm.
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  19. I'm a bit obsessed with Night Call, that bass line is infectious, great for the gym too.
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  20. Do we have any idea who is number one?
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